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Nannie Doss Aka the Giggling Granny

Born Nancy Hazel November 4,1905 died June 2, 1965 in Oklahoma State Penitentiary due to complications of leukemia. She was 59 years old when she died and she was an American Serial Killer responsible for the deaths of 11 people, her last kill ending in Tulsa Oklahoma after she poisoned her husband Samuel Doss.

Nannie Doss was an Alabama native and born to very restricting and conservative parents (mainly her father James Hazel).

She was one of five children one brother and three sisters and because of the demanding and strict thumb of her father, Nannie and her siblings were forced to work on their family farm instead of going to school to maintain their education, which resulted in multiple academic failures on the end of Nannie.

During her childhood, if Nannie wasn't working on the family farm her favorite past time was reading her mother's romance novels where she would often dream of her own future romantic endeavors.

Later on she began to take a liking to the lonely hearts column of a magazine she was reading but with her reality, it was not going to happen any time soon because her father forbid Nannie and her sisters from wearing make up or any clothing that made them attractive in any way. It was to prevent them from being "raped and molested."

Sometime in her childhood, nannie was hit in the head during a train ride on the way to visit her grandmother. The train came to an abrupt stop when a metal bar sticking out of the seat in front her hit her pretty hard.

From then on, Nannie suffered from black outs, depression, and severe migraines before she finally revealed that she believed her head injury resulted in her mental problems.

After the death of her fifth husband Samuel, and being charged with his murder, Nannie confessed to the murders of four of her husbands, two of her sisters, her grandson, her mother, her mother in law, and two of her own children. She poisoned some of them and the others died from suspicious circumstances. Her motive was that she collected life insurance policies as well as inheritances that her husbands left behind (if any.)

She was given the name the giggling Granny because the whole time during her trial as she confessed to what she had done, she giggled and laughed about it all apparently finding the ordeal to be amusing.

The only explanation she could provide was that her love of romance literature inspired her to do what she did because she wanted that perfect love from a romance novel and every marriage she had been in was a far cry from perfection and it was not the type of love she wanted from her novels.

I found this story to be very interesting to the point where I had to try to see it from her eyes.

I do not condone what she did, but given the fact that she was a woman in a very conservative, restrictive, and ignorant time, I can empathize with her immensely.

All of the men she married turned out to be controlling, abusive, and disrespectful to her and because her strict upbringing didn't give her a chance to grow up into a better person because of her lack of education and her lack of seeing the value and beauty within herself, she felt she had to just settle for whoever wanted her hand in marriage even if she wasn't happy.

She just wanted to love someone. For once, she wanted someone to truly love her, value her, and respect her just like in the romance novels she had read.

Back in her time when you aren't happy in a marriage, you were still expected to deal with it and stick around and make it work, and unfortunately, she saw no other way out but to take them all out. Kind of sad when you think about it from that perspective...

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Re: Nannie Doss Aka the Giggling Granny

Big time sicko

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Re: Nannie Doss Aka the Giggling Granny

they come in all shapes, sizes and ages...

**CK obama.
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Re: Nannie Doss Aka the Giggling Granny

If that isnt' inappropriate insane laughing I dont know what is. It obviously aint funny!

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