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Beth Doe From White Haven, Pennsylvania in 1976 

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Excellent first post.
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A few months ago, McAndrew sent some of Beth Doe's tooth enamel, bone and hair samples, taken when investigators exhumed the body in 2007, to the University of South Florida for analysis.

The university recently presented McAndrew with the first new information about the Beth Doe case in decades.

If the findings are correct, Beth Doe was born and spent her early childhood in western or central Europe. She moved to the United States as a child or a teenager. She spent at least five to 10 years in the United States before her murder.

She also most likely became pregnant in this country. And she probably lived in the Southeast, possibly somewhere in eastern Tennessee.

The science is inexact, McAndrew said, although there is no telling what breakthrough will lead them down the proper path toward identifying Beth Doe. Already, McAndrew and his fellow officers are using the evidence to look into missing persons cases in the Southeast.

But the science isn't the only thing keeping the Beth Doe case current, and McAndrew isn't the only one searching for her killer.
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I hope they find who killed her and her baby. I am so tired and sick of all these victims and unidentified victims. It hurts my soul. God help us.
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How unspeakably hideous!
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I know this area of the world, and have been to the Lehigh River White Haven access park that lies under the Interstate 80 bridge the victim was thrown from. She was in three suitcases at that point, but the bridge is very high(100s of feet).The local newspaper, The Standard Speaker, has reported on this case extensively over the years. On a side note a few men from White Haven have committed suicide from the same bridge over the years, including my ex-father in law's best friend....
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