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What happened to NowThatsFuckedUp.com?

I was lucky. For over two years I had the privilege of running my favorite website on the Internet. From the messages I still get, I see it was also the favorite of a lot of you. So for those who still may not know what happened, I want to let everyone know where NTFU went.

NTFU was forced to shut down in 2006 after the site gained widespread mainstream media attention for the real photographs of war we displayed. Although it seems pretty commonplace now to see real images of war casualties on the internet, at that time; it was not. NTFU dared to step outside the realm of accepted thought and post these images for the world to see.

The site, as well as myself, paid a price for that.

After being cleared in two Pentagon Investigations, a local right-wing sheriff saw an opportunity for himself and eventually had me arrested. After a long and expensive battle where I was joined by mainstream media outlets, the ACLU, and numerous First Amendment groups, he succeeded in having the site shutdown.

The charge? Misdemeanor Obscenity.

I was given misdemeanor probation and not allowed to run a site like NTFU until 2011. So now this site, which is no where near what NTFU was, is where I spend my time. I hope maybe you find something you like here and strike up a conversation with the regulars. We do have fun =)

If you would like more information on the NTFU case take a look below:


Rolling Stone Magazine - Casualty of Porn









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