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How to Donate:

As you might imagine, due to the content on the site, companies that run credit card and payment processing have refused to work with us. So that rules out most of the convenient means of payment. At this time the only way to make is payment is via BitCoin, I am working on making that easier, or finding alternative methods, but for right now BitCoin is is. Please consider setting up a CoinBase account, it is very easy, and a great way to make anonymous payments.

You can donate via bitcoin below. If you are new to BitCoin, CoinBase is great, it's what I use. When donating below, please add your forum username where it asks for your name. That way I know who to apply it to.

Other Ways:
Please contact me at [email protected] for details.

Membership levels work like this:

Registered Users:
Registered users will be able to access the entire site and all content. This level of membership could have ads displayed or other means that keep costs low, such as bandwidth limiting, and stuff like that.

Supporting Member:
Supporting members are members that have donated the suggested amount of 13$ to help support the site. They have no ads, and no restrictions placed on their accounts for a term of one year, once that year passes, their account will drop down to the Registered Users level. After that one year passes, if you donate the suggested amount again, your account will be moved back up to a Supporting Member for another year.

Legacy Member:
Legacy members have no restrictions, and include those users that paid to get on the site, and then donated once they were here. There is no way to become a Legacy Member if you are not one already.

Current Restrictions placed on Registered Users

1. Ads shown on picture and video threads.

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