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How to Donate:

As you might imagine, due to the content on the site, companies that run credit card and payment processing have refused to work with us. So that rules out most of the convenient means of payment. At this time the preferred way to make is payment is via BitCoin, if you would like to know other options, please email me at chris@documentingreality.com

Crypto: (Current Members or New Members)
You can donate via Crypto below. Right now Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin (BTC) are accepted. Keep in mind that crypto is safe and easy, and does a lot to enable free expression on the internet, especially here.

Click Here For Crypto

Other Ways: (Current Members or New Members)
Amazon Gift Card

Please contact me at chris@documentingreality.com for details on these other methods.

Membership levels work like this:

Registered Users: (Black Names)
Registered users will be able to access the entire site with the exception of the Legacy Gold (green name) only forums. The limitation on views is removed with this level. This level of membership could have ads displayed or other means that keep costs low, such as bandwidth limiting, and stuff like that.

Supporting Member: (Blue Names)
Supporting members are members that have donated the suggested amount of 20$ to help support the site. They have no ads, and no restrictions placed on their accounts for a term of one year, once that year passes, their account will drop down to the Registered Users level. After that one year passes, if you donate the suggested amount again, your account will be moved back up to a Supporting Member for another year. All new accounts are Blue for one year. This is the most common upgrade and really makes the site all around better to use.

Legacy Member: (Blue Names)
Legacy members are just like Supporting Members, except they were grandfathered in, so they do not have to donate the 20$/Year to keep their upgraded status. They got this because they were early donators, and donated to the site when they got nothing in return.

Legacy Gold Member: (Green Names)
This is the highest level you can be here without being an admin. This level has no restrictions and elevated permissions and is reserved for people who continue to support the site. This is also the area mods are plucked from. Please email me if you're a member and don't know how to become Legacy Gold, and would like to.

- You can access private content others can't see
- You can see what gets removed from the site
- You can delete your threads (water cooler only)
- You can have a larger file size avatar
- You can edit your threads (everywhere)
- You can access a few extra private forums
- You can see who gets infractions and why
- You can see who's online and what they are reading
- You can see users who chose to be invisible
- You can use signatures
- Plus other random stuff.

Administrators: (Red Names)
These are the people that run this place and have the ability to ban you if you break one of the rules.

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