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This site does not condone violence. As the name suggests, we simply document the reality of the world in which we live in. Granted, sometimes that does include violent acts, but we do not condone them. We only document the fact that such things occur. The fact that you can watch violent video coverage on mainstream media and true crime shows, does not mean that they condone that violence, or the violence they document in images and articles. It is my hope that you understand the difference, and that the same applies to Documenting Reality.

This is not a hate site, if you came here hoping to find a home for your racist or phobic beliefs, you've come to the wrong place, save yourself the disappointment and go elsewhere.


The rules below will be enforced through a 3 Strikes Infraction System. This means that if you accumulate more than 3 points, your account is banned permanently.

If you feel you have been banned unfairly you can appeal to chris to have the ban reviewed by sending him an email at

The number of infraction points you receive depend on the severity of your infringement. Infringements with 3 infraction points will be an instant ban. Infraction points will be assigned as follows:

Racist Post/Comment = 1 Point
Posting Porn = 1 Point
Post Personal Information For Harassment = 2 Points
Posting Animal Cruelty = 2 Points
Forum Spammer = 3 Points
Duplicate Account = 3 Points
Member is Under 18 = 3 Points
Post With Naked Child = 3 Points
Trolling Outside of the Water Cooler = 2 Points
Sharing a "slut account" = 3 Points
Threat of Violence = 3 Points


1. DO NOT post anything pornographic. Nudity IS allowed inside the water cooler, and inside any forum, if it relates to the content of the thread. If you do not know the difference between NUDITY and PORNOGRAPHY don't post it.

2. DO NOT use terminology that would conventionally be considered racist or derogatory towards a specific ethnic group. DO NOT use terminology that would conventionally be considered a slur against a person's gender or choice of gender identification. DO NOT use terminology that would conventionally be considered derogatory towards a person's sexual preference, whether that be by design or by choice. Site Administrators will have the final determination on what words are in violation.

3. DO NOT post any member's personal information or pictures. Do not post edited/unedited pictures of members that have been posted on this site or any other. Posting personal information for the purpose of harassment is strictly prohibited. This also includes any form of 'DOXING' or anything like it. This forum maintains a zero tolerance policy on doxing, no warnings will be given, you will be banned for good. Making threats of violence, terroristic threats, or encouraging violence is also prohibited and will result in an immediate ban. This applies to public messages as well as PM's.

4. DO NOT post any animal cruelty, dead animals, or the torture of animals anywhere on the site. This includes linking to another site.

5. DO NOT use automated tools, including but not limited to bots and scripts which are designed to scrape or download images, videos, or text. This is strictly prohibited on the site. The sole exception is for search engine crawlers that index the site for ranking purposes. Measures are in place to detect and ban unauthorized automated activity.

6. DO NOT make sexual and/or suggestive comments and remarks about children under the age of 18, dead or alive. Keep any such thoughts to yourself, as we are not a site that tolerates pedophilia. Any such comments will result in a permanent ban from the site.

7. YOU MUST be 18 years or older to view this website. If at anytime a member of this forum thinks you may be under the age of 18 you will be banned.

8. While these rules cover most common situations they cannot anticipate everything. Consequently, we reserve the right to take any action(s) we deem appropriate to ensure these forums are not disrupted or abused in any way. This includes removing any post or thread at our sole discretion, whether it violates a stated rule or not.

9. Having more than one account here on the forums is NOT ALLOWED. Those caught having more then one account will have both accounts deleted and your ability to register on this forum removed.

10. Abuse of my mods will not be tolerated. Any disrespect or abuse geared towards a mod of this forum will result in a permanent ban on your first offense. If you have an issue with a mod, PM them, or PM me, as public shit talking against a mod is not tolerated. We may need to contact you by private message in reference to something, if you fail to answer it could also result in a ban.

11. Sharing your account with others, or passing it along; in what is typically referred to as as sharing a "slut account" will result in an immediate ban, strikes system will not apply.

12. Giving access to a previously banned user will result in your account being banned immediately. This is easily tracked by mods, and there will be no warnings, your account will just be banned on the first offense.

13. Trolling outside the Water Cooler is not allowed. You can not stalk, harass, start arguments, or otherwise disrupt normal on-topic discussion outside the Water Cooler. This includes constantly low starring and/or disliking member's threads on a constant basis as well as all talk of politics or hot button social issues inside threads that reside outside of the water cooler.

14. This should go without saying, and we have never had an issue with this, but it's worth noting. Threats of violence towards other members, the public, or any person or group of people is strictly prohibited, will result in immediate ban, and I will personally contact law enforcement if I feel it's warranted. Don't do it.


1. Please upload all images and video to the site through the attachment form. Linking to content from other sites is discouraged due to the fact that on other sites content seems to disappear and that would leave us with a lot of threads with no pictures or video in them.

2. If you insist on sending me hate mail or other stupid shit, expect me to post it on the forum and across the Internet for others to laugh at, you have no expectation of privacy when sending me death threats, hate mail, stupid questions, or anything else. If you're going to subject me to your idiocy, you can pretty much bet on me sharing it with others.

3. You will see usernames in different colors on the "online users" list. If the username is RED it means the user is a Moderator and if the username is BLUE it means the user has donated to the site and has extra privileges.

4. The Moderators are on this site to bring content and enforce the rules, not babysit the members. As a result, a zero tolerance policy is imposed on trolling, flaming, politics, etc anywhere outside of the watercooler.

5. Documenting Reality will not be hosting any future content related to school shootings that happen inside the United States. Although I have no idea the motivations behind the people that commit these awful attacks, I don't want them thinking they will get their 15 minutes of fame here. Discussing these events in the news section and in the water cooler will be allowed.

6. Please do not post comments that are only smilies outside the water cooler. When you're trying to read a thread and it's pages and pages of smilies, it's gets annoying fast. If your account does this a lot, you may have all your posts removed, as I don't have time to go through each post and just remove the ones with smilies.

Membership Levels:

Registered Users: (Black Names)
Registered users will be able to access the entire site and all content. This level of membership could have ads displayed or other means that keep costs low, such as bandwidth limiting, and stuff like that.

Supporting Member: (Blue Names)
Supporting members are members that have donated the suggested amount of 20$ to help support the site. They have no ads, and no restrictions placed on their accounts for a term of one year, once that year passes, their account will drop down to the Registered Users level. After that one year passes, if you donate the suggested amount again, your account will be moved back up to a Supporting Member for another year.

Legacy Member: (Blue Names)
Legacy members are just like Supporting Members, except they were grandfathered in, so they do not have to donate the 20$/Year to keep their upgraded status. They got this because they were early donators, and donated when they got nothing in return.

Legacy Gold Member: (Green Names)
This is the highest level you can be here without being an admin. This level has no restrictions and elevated permissions and is reserved for people who continue to support the site via Patreon, the prefered donation method. This is also the area mods are plucked from.

- You can see what gets removed from the site
- You can delete your threads (water cooler only)
- You can edit your threads (everywhere)
- You can access a few extra private forums
- You can see who gets infractions and why
- You can see who's online and what they are reading
- You can see users who chose to be invisible
- Plus other random stuff.

Administrators: (Red Names)
These are the people that run this place and have the ability to ban you if you break one of the rules.

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