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Re: Sarah Everard

Originally Posted by Moloko View Post
Update on this case.

Wayne Couzens has pled guilty in court this morning to the abduction and rape of Sarah Everard. She died from "compression to the neck." So most likely strangulation.

I still think this creep has killed more or he was certainly planning on killing more.

You don't just wake up one day and decide to kidnap, rape, and kill someone. It's normally a slow progression to committing the ultimate act, starting fires, killing animals, domestic violence etc...

Serial killers normally have Antisocial Personality Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder...God damn, I'm a serial killer.

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Re: Sarah Everard

I wasn't aware of this case, thanks for making a thread to bring it to our attention.

Agreed that this guy might actually be a serial killer. Becoming a cop would be a very smart move on his part to help himself cover his tracks and stay close to the investigation.

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Re: Sarah Everard

Originally Posted by Moloko View Post
I'm surprised there hasn't been a thread posted about her given how peculiar this unfolding case has been?

So, long story short, Metropolitan Police Officer, Wayne Couzens, abducts Sarah Everard from Clapham Common, at some point he kills her then leaves her remains in some woodlands in Kent. There is nothing connecting the two of them and Wayne has a history of flashing women. He's only been a police officer for three years..

Am I the only one who suspects he's a serial killer who joined the police because he thought it would help him acquire victims and to keep a close ear to the ground while police investigate?

This case just seems really weird to me.
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