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Kellyhound's Top Documenting Reality Videos

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Kid with Giant Jaw Injury During an Air Raid
Electrocuted Body Found Near an Abandoned Factory in the Woods
Charred Body Removed from Traffic Accident Scene
Ripped in Half by Dumptruck
4 Dead in Nasty Car Vs Truck Accident
Stabbed in the Heart, knife Moves with Every Heartbeat
Woman's Leg Fucked Up in Traffic Accident
Group Of People Wiped Out By Two Cars While Crossing The Road
Removing a Face Down Stiff Floater
Hit in the Guts by Mortar Shelling
2 Balloon Vendors Got Lower Leg Parts Ripped Off After a Gas Cylinder Exploded
Biker Still Alive but Lost Entire Left Leg in Accident with Bus
Many Dead and Wounded After Bombing of a Bakery
Brains Blown Out of This Young Boy's Skull by Assad's Troops
Kids Head Destroyed by Mortar Shelling
Dead After Falling from Scaffolding
2 Killed, 4 Injured in Heist of 2 Gold Shop
Top of Head Blown Off
Very Badly Cut Up by machete after he robbed pregnant woman
Guy on Scooter Trying to Shoot and Kill Someone Gets Shot and Killed Himself
Chinese Police Woman Shoot and Kills Hostage Taker
Fatal Accident on Construction Site
People Killed in Russian Car Accident, Direct Aftermath
Bloody Crime Scene Murdered Guy
Dead Scooter Rider Lost His Foot and Arm After Being Hit by Speeding Car
Been Dead for a While
Head Missing and Nasty Leg Wound After Traffic Accident
Dead Scooter Girl
Cougar Catches a Whitetail Deer
Dying Biker Gasping for Air After Collision
Blood Dripping from Face of Dead Car Driver Half Ejected Through Windscreen
Stiff Bloated Female Body Pulled from Irrigation Canal
Multiple Victims with Massive Blood Loss During Traffic Accident
Senegalese woman sets herself on fire in Rome protest
Moscow Police Chief Major Denis Yevsyukov Shoot & Kills 3 Inside Supermarket
1 Dead After Drunk Toyota Driver Plows into Other Toyota at Intersection
Police Shoot & Kill Man Wielding a Golf Club During a Drug House Raid
19 Yo Motorcyclist Dies After Hitting a Tunnel Wall
Jet-ski Pulling Tube Turns Out Deadly
Gang Members Shot and Killed on Public Street
Girl Jumps from a High-rise Building
Zoo Tiger Dies After Choking on a Piece of Meat & Falling into a Pond
Insurgents Blowing Themselves Up when They Place an IED
Dead in Car Wreckage After Crash with Truck
Malaysian motorcyclist with open wound broken leg injury
TV Technician Electrocuted After Antenna on His Van Touched Power Lines
Motorcyclist Dead Hitting a Guardrail
Car Driver Records Human Road Kill
Dump Truck Runs Over Woman
Hostage Taker Shot and Killed by Brazilian Cops
Tiger Attacks Man in Zoo
Suicide Jumper Hits Balcony During Rescue Attempt
Two cops killed during bakery robbery
Pedestrian Crossing the Road Hit by Speeding Car
Dismembered Female Corpse Found Covered in Flies
6 Killed when Drunk Mitsubishi L200 Driver Hits a Tram Stop
Pharmacist Robber, That Takes a Female Hostage, Shot in the Head
5 Spectators Dead when Toyota Supra Crashes During Drag Race in Pakistan
Pieces of 16 Yo Suicide Bomber Shown That Killed 3 & Wounded 38 Civilians
Bloodshed on Syrian Streets
Dash Cam of Chase,fatal Shooting of Timothy Dale Johnson That Killed Bill Gwatney
Guy's Stomach and Groin Area Fucked Up After Crash
Scooter Rider Loses Face, Passenger's Leg Fucked Up Bad After Crash with Truck
Protestor That Got Shot in His Leg
Scooter Rider Dead After Crash
US Army Killing Japanese Mortally Wounded Soldiers
Saudi Troops Shot & Killed Bahrain Protester
Turkish Man Shot to Death at Point Blank Range
Removing Dead Bodies from the Railroad Tracks
Dead Libyan Protester with a Fucked Up Chin
35 Yo Hard Working Man Hanged Himself Coz of Unfaithful Wife
Semi Avoids Collison with Taxi Before It Runs Over Woman on Bike
Mercenaries Hired by Gaddafi to Attack Demonstrators Killed in Libya
Bodies of Illegal Migrants Pulled from Truck's Trailer
Pharmacy Guard Shot and Killed by 2 Armed Men for Reporting Neighbourhood Crime
Womans arm peeled during a traffic accident
☠Drunkass hit by metro and died Motorcyclist & passenger dead after head-on crash with truck
5 dead, one headless body in multi vehicle accident
Suicidal guy used shotgun in mouth method to blow his top off
Heart of traffic victim lays on the asphalt still beating
15 yo girl dies when swerving pick-up truck carrying 9 people tips over
Brain leakage in traffic accident that killed two
Speeding Bosnian Female Driver Hit & Kills Bicyclist
Little kid shoots dad in the stomach
Teens severly wounded when their scooter got hit by a truck
Saudi troops shot bahrain protesters head split wide open
Bomb-disposal officer killed, on fire after ied gets detonated by a mobile phone
Police sniper shoots hostage taker in the head
Mexican cop shot in the head several times
Guy wearing seatbelt died with his head stuck under car door
25 yo woman set herself on fire using a flammable liquid
Gas station manager killed when he lit up cigarette lighter to see if tank was empty
Sliding off a bridge ends in death
Store owner shoots knife wielding attacker that sliced customer's throat
Man burns alive after he lit a cigarette and set himself on fire
Suicidal man sets himself on fire then falls out of window
Dead bodies in the woods after firefight between chechen fighters & russian soldiers
Guy hanged himself in the woods
Motorcyclist upper torso cut off during traffic accident
Bodies without heads found near the road
Part of cow's head missing after it got hit by a train
Truck driver dies when his truck overturned into deep mountain cliff
Autopsy Examination (better quality)
Stabbed in the heart, knife moves with every heartbeat
Guy fell off railway platform when train arrived
Guy committed suicide on the train tracks
Train hits car killing five teenagers
Suicide on the tracks in front of oncoming train
5 killed when their truck slams into a stationary freight train
Dead after he got hit by a train on a railroad bridge
Guy Gets Hit by Train While Crossing the Tracks
Death on the train tracks
Suicide on the train track
Motorcyclist dies in truck accident caught on tape in Taiwan
Guy badly hurt in metro accident
Gory car accident victim
Several killed (8) when car packed with people got involved in an accident
Family involved in car accident
Mangled body after traffic accident
1 cut in half, other with pants down in nasty traffic accident
2 dead during motorcycle accident
People killed in russian car accident, direct aftermath
Malaysian traffic accident
Brain leakage in traffic accident that killed two
Guy on scooter flattened & ripped in half during gruesome accident
Bicyclist with nasty crotch injury in shock after accident
Female student killed in truck vs motorcycle accident
Car t-bones 3 guys riding a scooter
Abraham Biggs suicide webcam video when cops arrive
Guy loses hand during a fight on a subway platform
Bowling with Pedestrians
Police shoot & kill man wielding a golf club during a drug house raid
Kevin Ramsey murdered by Deidre Hunt & Kosta Fotopoulos in the Everglades
Dead biker after t-boning a car
Group of people wiped out by two cars while crossing the road
Ahmadiyah followers beaten till death
Texas trooper Randy Vetter killed after traffic stop

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