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Re: Right Around the Corner from Me...

Originally Posted by Frank_Furter View Post
I am so effing tired about being lectured about how the Western United States used to belong to Mexico. Yes, it did. And before that, it belonged to Spain. And the rest belonged to France and Britain. Does that mean that our borders should be open to any British or French or Spanish people who wish to enter illegally? I think not. We have the most porous border in the world, and it's because we're afraid of "insulting" Mexico. I've traveled extensively through Mexico. The people are warm and friendly and generous, but that doesn't mean they should have a free pass to enter our country illegally. It's WRONG, and it needs to STOP! I salute Pink for having the guts to say it as it is.

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Re: Right Around the Corner from Me...

Originally Posted by TheHag View Post
American has the most relaxed immigration laws. Mexico does not allow other Latin American people to freely immigrate into their country. Every other country deports you almost immediately. We are the only ones that are so full of bleeding hearts, that we allow them to come here and fuck around like they do!
I live in Delaware and was just wondering how people who live down there must feel. To me I don't give a shit about immigration, they can come all they want. But I'm 2,000 miles away from them. Though Delware and Pennsylvania have a large immigrant population. It's only in central Delaware that we have a mexican gang problem, but they're no worse then the "crips" that hang out here too.

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Re: Right Around the Corner from Me...

Originally Posted by dooshman View Post
Stop. Hold it. Arizona is a beautiful state. Let's get that straight, right away. I'm only making the analogy of a paradise being a place where life is easy, and there is much contentment and little in the way of danger or stress. Deserts are very tough to deal with. I've spent a few years just outside of Vegas, in Nevada. The summers are HOT. I've driven through through some of the more remote areas, at the peak of summer, and it's harsh--never seen so much sun and sky in my life, not to mention the near-murderous heat. Yet, there was an inescapable beauty about it all. And I realize these here places are kind of like the Himalayan Mountains: their splendor is unbounded, yet I wouldn't exactly call living in those regions synonymous to living in a paradise.

Pink, no one's blaming you for anything except that silly statement you made about that Latino fellow and his people. Secondly, that land was taken through conflict although in the end, the U. S. did compensate Mexico. But that wasn't my point. THERE WERE LATINOS IN ARIZONA BEFORE IT BECAME A STATE; HENCE THE CONCLUSION CAN BE MADE THEY WERE AMERICAN CITIZENS. Also many were already in New Mexico, Texas, southern California, etc., by the time they all became states.

Don't go off track and claim everyone's blaming white people for all the woes of the United States. The fault lies in everyone of us who sits on our butts and complain, but do nothing to make it better. Yes, there is extreme white racism in the United States. Just take a look at Timothy McVeigh and his cronies, the KKK and the NeoNazi's. These people are willing to pursue violent means to get their beliefs across. BUT THEY'RE THE MINORITIES, dude. They don't speak for anyone but themselves.

I agree, Hag, what that waitress did was racist. And she was duly taken care of. Yet, most Latinos aren't like that, thankfully. You're always gonna have rotten apples to deal with. Blacks, Asians, Latinos go through the same treatment, as do many other minorities in this country. My point is: ALL FORMS OF RACISM IS WRONG. And the truth be known, most Latinos in the country are not illegal. The legality of the non-legal populace and their citizenship status is something for the lawmakers to decide, and that comes down to our vote. The thing is: this country was built largely by immigrants, be it from Europe, SE Asia, Africa, or Latin America. Most of us share a common bond: we can trace our ancestry to somewhere else in the world.

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses ..." That's what the Statue of Liberty stands for. Let's not defeat that.
This is what the Mexican's in my town are like, this is the newest report on this story, and this is why I stay away from the Mexican's in my town. Not because they're Mexican, but because 90% of the time they're involved in shit like this:

BULLHEAD CITY, Ariz. — Police in Bullhead City say they arrested a man in the fatal shooting of another man who reportedly had an affair with the suspect's girlfriend.

Police say in a statement that 24-year-old Carlos Elisinio Gomez was arrested Friday evening.

The shooting happened Thursday night and killed 39-year-old Daniel Mares Lopez. He was shot multiple times.

Police say Lopez had an affair with Gomez's 15-year-old girlfriend and had said he intended to kill his rival.

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