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Michael Dunn Acquitted of Murder but Convicted on Lesser Charges 

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Michael Dunn Acquitted of Murder but Convicted on Lesser Charges

Michael Dunn, 47, charged with killing 17-year-old Jordan Davis in November 2012 in a row over loud rap music

Jury deadlocked on first-degree murder charge and convicted him of second-degree attempted murder for spraying car full of teens with bullets
Dunn's former neighbor described him in taped interviews with police and a lawyer as a bully who allegedly threatened to kill his two ex-wives

Neighbor claimed Dunn forced one of wives to have sex with strangers in swingers' club two days after

Dunn allegedly threatened to have his foreign-born spouses deported so they won't see their children

Defendant wrote letters from jail to his daughter ranting against blacks and Hispanics

‘He believed blacks and Hispanics were below white people,' former next-door neighbor Charles Hendrix said of Dunn in taped interviews 

Dunn wrote about how jail was 'full of blacks' and suggested if more people 'arm themselves and kill these **** idiots…they might take a hint...'

Dunn also allegedly compared himself to George Zimmerman and said he had a stronger case than the man acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin

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Re: Michael Dunn Acquitted of Murder but Convicted on Lesser Charges

was reading about this on another site, didnt know the verdict was in. I havnt followed the case and maybe the shooting was lawful via a technicality, not to discount that at all again I only heard about this case today. If you honestly feel your life is in danger you are justified in using violence. I dont know that much about the case but we all know this for sure regardless of you opinions on the case

A 17 year old kid lost his fucking life because his music was playing too loud.

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Re: Michael Dunn Acquitted of Murder but Convicted on Lesser Charges

Sounds like someone who needs to be locked up.

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Re: Michael Dunn Acquitted of Murder but Convicted on Lesser Charges

I didn't hear much of that on the new last night but apparently right now he's being charged on 4/5 counts. Three counts of attempted murder and one count of firing into the vehicle as it sped off. He's facing up to 75 years for those alone. They are obviously trying to charge him for first degree murder but since him claimed he saw a gun his defense has some sort of case.

He will never get out of prison although its sickening to think that he had a chance at this trail if he had only killed the kid and not fired 8-9 more into the vehicle at the other occupants.

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