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1,000 Bodies/skeletons

found on university of mississippi campus
via Huff Post;

It may sound like the beginning of a horror movie, but*burial sites found on a college campus*have created a potential nightmare for administrators. While surveying land for a new parking lot at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, officials made a grisly discovery: more than 1,000 bodies*thought to have been patients at the old Mississippi State Lunatic Asylum. The unnamed, century-old graves present a problem for the university, whose expansion plans could be halted over the cost of relocating the bodies.

Yes, it would be a shame that the students there would not benefit from expanded facilities. *That said, if they were really Christian, they wouldn’t mind because they would be able to give a proper burial to human beings that were discarded like garbage in a mass grave. *I can only imagine the horrific stories that surly would come from their skeletal jaws.

full story here http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative...o-2896060.html

Your Source For Death Pictures and Death Video

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Re: 1,000 Bodies/skeletons

Fascinating find.
Wonder what will happen? Move bodies, and build or cover up and leave.

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Re: 1,000 Bodies/skeletons

Quite the discovery

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Re: 1,000 Bodies/skeletons

They should study it all and then turn it into boxes of chalk or Jell-O.

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Re: 1,000 Bodies/skeletons

So go we all.

Grind them up and dump them in the sea.

Ashes to ashes...

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Re: 1,000 Bodies/skeletons

How cool is that! I love skeletons

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Re: 1,000 Bodies/skeletons

grisly but cool discovery

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Re: 1,000 Bodies/skeletons

Someone blew the whistle. They were going to keep it hush hush, build on top of the site to save costs like on Poltergeist.

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Re: 1,000 Bodies/skeletons

Isn't that 1 up for mental health success?

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