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Mass Shooting in Boulder, Colorado 

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Re: Mass Shooting in Boulder, Colorado

Originally Posted by HSO View Post
1) If the victims had been carrying assault rifles in the first place, they could’ve defended themselves, thus forgoing “victim” status.

2) anyone who doesn’t own assault rifles is a retarded fucking cretin, and deserves to have their body & skull shredded by a greasy, disgusting, woman-beating, baby-raping, crotchrot-stinking, allah-cock sucking Arab.
Do you even KNOW what an "assault rifle" is?

A BAR is an assault rifle.

A Thompson is an assault rifle.

A M16A1/M16A2 are assault rifles.

Anything any random citizen can purchase over the counter with a standard NICS check is NOT an assault rifle. Period.

You have to have to be a Class 3 FFL holder to legally own ANY "assault weapons".

A semi-auto firearm is NOT an assault weapon.

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