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Ex-soldier Jailed for Burning Koran in Carlisle, England. (18 April 2011) 

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Old 04-23-2011, 01:10 PM
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Re: Ex-soldier Jailed for Burning Koran in Carlisle, England. (18 April 2011)

i remember in high school (history class) these 2 muslim brothers got to talking about their koran and how it can never be burned or destroyed.. they were serious too.. they said if you try to light it on fire it wont catch and it will still be in good shape. ofcourse, the teacher contested and tried to prove him wrong and ofcourse this "myth" wasnt busted in class because it'd be wrong to do and morally wrong as well. i forgot my point here but im glad someone burned it. its a book. it can get destroyed.

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Old 04-23-2011, 05:44 PM
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Re: Ex-soldier Jailed for Burning Koran in Carlisle, England. (18 April 2011)

FUCK PISSLAM, FUCK MOHAMHEAD. England you are seriously fucked. It's against the law for you to have an argument with a muslim and disparage pisslam, but they can shit or piss on your flag, your poppies, your returning soldiers, and the bible and NOTHING. They can hold up signs saying to behead people, slay people, and butcher people who insult islam, but if you hold up a sign saying to behead someone for any reason, you'd be in jail so fucking fast. GOD DAMNIT it makes me want to vomit !!! HOW'D that happen so fucking fast, and freedom of speech can kiss it's ass goodbye. Fucking Sharia courts operating in england ' oh it's okay cause it's just CIVIL court '' which only covers things like divorce and women's rights, and the rulings of which go against completely english law. aaagh DIE PISSLAM.

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