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Bullied To Death

A public schoolgirl killed herself under the wheels of a train after being tormented by bullies, her friends claimed today.
Natasha MacBryde, 15, died instantly when she was hit by the passenger train near her home in Bromsgrove, Worcs, on Valentine's Day morning.

Scores of the "charming, lovely and model pupil's" friends yesterday posted scathing messages on Facebook condemning bullies who made her feel "so low".

Emily Russell wrote on the social networking site: "Rest in peace to Natasha MacBryde who committed suicide in Bromsgrove today.

"And for all the bullies out there who think they're big and clever, seriously. xx."

Nathan John wrote: "She spoke to, blessed, met, and loved so many people ... not everyone loved her back."

Becci Marks added: "How people can make someone feel so low is disgusting. I didn't know her but she was so gorgeous, all my love to her family. RIP Natasha."

Today, Natasha's distraught father Andrew, 47, who is separated from her mother Catherine, 43, admitted he wasn't shocked by the bullying allegations.

He said: "I have no idea why Natasha died. But I am not surprised there are messages on Facebook saying she was bullied.

"I have no idea what happened, that is what the British Transport Police want to find out.

"I do not know why she was out when she was, I am separated from her mother."

Blonde Natasha's devastated brother James wrote on Facebook: "I wish you see how much everyone cares. RIP my beautiful sister. I will always love you."

Teachers at posh £10,000-a-year Royal Grammar School in Upper Tything, Worcs, where Natasha was a pupil, also paid tribute to a "charming and lovely girl".
In a letter sent to parents informing them of her death, headteacher Andy Rattue said: "Natasha was a charming and lovely girl and model pupil in every way.

"She will be missed by so many people, staff and pupils alike.

"It is very difficult to come to terms with such a tragic loss and our thoughts and prayers go out to her parents and family."

Dozens of grief-stricken pupils were allowed home yesterday while the school created a quiet space and shrine for her friends to leave photos and tributes.

Dozens of floral tributes were left at the station yards from where Natasha died.

One card read: "You were an elegant and bright girl. I didn't think it would have to end like this.

"For the people who made you so down and sad, they didn't even deserve to meet you."

Another anonymous card read: "You were so brave for months. Why did they have to push you to this. We will love you always."

A spokesman for British Transport Police said: "The incident was initially being treated as unexplained but officers are now satisfied there are no suspicious circumstances surrounding the woman's death."

Natasha's body was formally identified today and the Worcestershire Coroner was informed.

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Re: Bullied To Death

That is horrible! Something needs to be done about bullying..... It's every where. It's especially traumatic to young children. And girls at that age can be horrible. I think it should be automatic suspension for kids that bully.

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Re: Bullied To Death

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Re: Bullied To Death

not enough is done about bullying in schools! very sad

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Re: Bullied To Death

Not a whole lot can be done. Bullying can occur at almost anyplace, anytime. What needs to be addressed is the issue of teen suicide. Yes, bullying is a problem, but if a kid's gonna commit suicide, their mind is already made up about their fate, it's just a matter of some kind of external trigger. If it's not a bully, it's gonna be a broken heart, or family issues that's gonna push them over the edge. What needs to be done is schools should put more emphasis on identifying and treating teen depression. So far, very little is done about that. That's not good, considering suicide is the third leading cause of death of teens in the United States.

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Re: Bullied To Death

What ever happened to fighting it out after school and having done with it?

Seriously though, I don't think the teachers do much about bullying. My son got bullied last year and I never once got a call about it. He was embarrassed to say anything either. He came home from school one day and I saw that the bottom of his pants were ripped. I asked him what happened and he told me that the kid in his class did it and his teacher had told him to go sit down and stop telling on people.

Naturally that pissed me off and I went up there and tore into her ass. I also went and gave the principle a piece of my mind. He called a conference with that child's parents as well as myself and we all talked it out. The boys got to be pretty good friends after that.

Of course....that doesn't really apply to teenagers since they are stubborn as a mule. If I find out my son is bullying others when he gets to JR high or High school...I'm gonna show him what bullyings all about. Your never too old to get your ass beat...no matter what you think when you hit puberty.

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Re: Bullied To Death

How tragic, poor kid

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