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Atheist Teen Forces School to Remove Prayer from Wall After 49 Years 

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Re: Atheist Teen Forces School to Remove Prayer from Wall After 49 Years

If you believe in a god, you're a brainwashed moron that obviously can't think for himself. Oh, and god doesn't have a "word".... It's mans twisted word......

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Re: Atheist Teen Forces School to Remove Prayer from Wall After 49 Years

I'll quote Christopher Hitchens on the subject of religion:

"That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence."

I also suggest that those who say "Oh, she doesn't have to read it" should be happy to have passages from the Koran pasted on the walls of their schools. They should also be happy to have a chapter on atheism included in every religion class.

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Re: Atheist Teen Forces School to Remove Prayer from Wall After 49 Years

Originally Posted by upsmanpa View Post
What about offending people that know there is a God and believe in Him?
This one is a funny tactic that religious people try to pull off.
Offending religious book characters and idiocy does not = offending religious people.
Making fun of blood thirsty christian god does not offend you, if should offend your god.
However, in psychology, it is known that "god" is a subrutine of the believer' s own "self". god and the believer are the same.
The god who speaks with the believer never tells them anything they dont already know or cant figure out on their own. Their god always agrees with them. If the believer is a gay-hater, then so is his god, if the believer is pro-choice, so is his god. etc.

So, dont try to pull this trick of "claiming to be offended" when somebody doesnt want to see or hear your brutal bed time stories.
She doesn't know her ear from her elbow and has little to zero real knowledge of anything except her cell phone and facebook.
And this claim is based on ...what exactly.
You probably know nothing about her, yet you try to demean her, to make your own position look better.

This country was founded on God's word.
No, no no.
Thats what made USA so successful dream land back in the old days. It was a safe haven where people could hide from christian massacres. Learn a bit about history.
Your constitution and founding fathers specifically excluded religion from government.

Your "under god" stuff was added later.

Just because something is old does not mean it's not relevant or good
Noone has said otherwise.
There is allot of good literature from the old times.
Some of the biggest and basic breakthroughs where made thousands of years ago, and they are still good and valid.

The problem isnt that bible/koran is old, but its about the insane claims, and what it is claimed to be.

As literature, bible is ok. It contains pretty cool and gruesome imagery, well suited in this gore forum. But to use it as a moral guide, a historical factual document....is just silly band crazy.

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Re: Atheist Teen Forces School to Remove Prayer from Wall After 49 Years

too much fuss being made about this whole subject. what in that prayer was religious? it was all positive. nothing about eternal damantion if you didnt say it or didnt believe it. all it said was ' we pray for wisdom etc etc... oh yeah and 'amen' at the end. stupid lil fuck head of a kid!! i honestly think we all would make the world a better place if the religious left the athiests alone and the athiests left the religious alone... believe what the fuck you want, and if it means posting a little harmless prayer, go ahead. who is it ever going to harm?

im not atheist or religious, i have my own theories, but im not shoving it down other peoples throats like the christians, muslims and a lot of atheists. if one can dismiss the existence of god just as easy as another can believe in god then who actually is right? nobody knows shit, so why cant we all just leave it at that?

And, no buddy!! your country was not founded on 'God's' word!! if you actually believe that, you need to get your head out of your ass.

Oh, and there's a nice book....'many lives, many masters' by Dr. Brian Weiss.... all you fuckers should give it a go!!

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Re: Atheist Teen Forces School to Remove Prayer from Wall After 49 Years

If it's possible, I think I trolled my own post before even posting what I wanted to in the first place. Fuck it, I'm posting this crap.
I love people, until you bring religion into the mix. It is the one thing that separates more than anything else, people are so defensive of what they know they cannot even prove to be true. So many atrocities carried out in the name of "what is right". I am all religions, and I am no religion. "Do what thoust whilt, lest no harm be done." I don't care what you are, just be a good person. I see so many do horrible things every day and think they can go to church or pray it away.
I personally was offended on an almost daily basis during school, religion is mixed in to everything, and the only one that seems to get any coverage pertaining to history here in the US (at least in our shitty public schools) is that of Christianity. Either talk about them all, or talk about none. It's not a hard concept to wrap your mind around. Does it not bother you that in every major religious tome major passages have not only been changed but reversed, rewritten again and again to better suit the needs of those religious and political leaders of the time?
This girl had the vag to stand up and say "I don't want to look at this every day, it makes me uncomfortable." Do you actually think she was the ONLY kid there to think that? Hell no. Maybe they can come to a compromise, change the words around a bit, make it more like a motto than a prayer, something everyone can look at everyday and be proud of.

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