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Re: Addicted to McDonald's

I wish seeing stuff like this would make my niece stop eating so damn much. EVERYDAY she talks my grandmother (who is her guardian) into going out to eat. I don't think she would eat any home cooked meals if i didn't physically take it to her. I would take her and my oldest daughter walking around the block, and I would end up having to push her big butt the last quarter of the way due to her weight. It's gotten so bad, my grandmother has taken to bribing her with stuff she wants if she will just lose some weight.

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Re: Addicted to McDonald's

since when does KFC serve burgers?

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Re: Addicted to McDonald's

I dunno. Different country, different menu? Don't they have that double down thing? I haven't been to KFC in a very long time.

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Re: Addicted to McDonald's

Originally Posted by Kelly View Post
Depends how fast you lose the weight and how big the person was.
I had a friend who had a gastric band and lost weight super fast and she was left looking like the above picture. Yet another friend who lost weight gradually (and she was a big as well) didn't have the skin like above. She used some special cream morning and night for her skin as she lost the weight and she has no loose skin. Both of course are left with stretch marks.

It is a better situation to have loose skin than be so overweight. It's unhealthy to remain that overweight regardless of skin sagging. Some people can get plastic surgery to remove the excess skin in extreme cases. If not just save or get a loan to get it chopped off lol
Say...what's the name of that special lotion your friend used??

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