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Kid Rock's 911 Call After The Death of Michael Sacha 

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Re: Kid Rock's 911 Call After The Death of Michael Sacha

Originally Posted by lorelli09 View Post
This woman spent too much time asking the same questions, tho I understand she's gathering info to pass on to the appropriate Emergency responders. She's trying to ask the question of if he's dead or not so she can instruct them on the phone how to perform CPR and other steps to render help until EMS arrives. Just because a person "looks" dead doesn't always mean they are. I agree she is not very good at listening, but until you've been in her position (which,yes, I have for many years), it's easy to lay blame. Kid was too emotional to give her answers she needed and by blowing up he's delaying the process. She needs to make sure the scene is safe before sending anyone, cops included. Speaking from personal experience, far too much time was wasted by repeatedly asking what happened, or that's how it appears in the call. Simply state your emergency and then listen to the dispatcher guide you through...she was not on point in this call. This call should be used in training and reviewed. Either way, sad a young guy died so tragically. RIP
It seems you are claiming to be a 911 operator or that you have experience with dealing with them. If so you would know that most operators have procedure cards that they must read and questions they must ask. You say she spent too much time asking similar questions. Those questions progress to uncover the facts at the scene and are put together to give the people tge best chance to save lives! Just because one thinks someone is dead and they can not be saved there are tousands of calls each day where people are revived or alive when the callers believe the victim was already dead. I really wish people would stop judging these operators so harshly when those judging have little clue about what is required of the 911 employees. Please help to explain to others the procedures so they may be more understanding. Thanks!

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Re: Kid Rock's 911 Call After The Death of Michael Sacha

911 operator - "Can I have your name please"


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Re: Kid Rock's 911 Call After The Death of Michael Sacha

Uhh...unprofessional sounding to me...

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