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911 Call Comes In, All You Hear is Horror 

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911 Call Comes In, All You Hear is Horror

These emergency dispatchers have a tough job.

In Nov. 2013 a man stabbed his pregnant girlfriend in Orange County (Fla.). The woman dialed 911 and reached trainee Katherine Perron, who used the Phase II location to dispatch deputies to the location. The woman survived and the boyfriend was arrested.

Operator Trainee Katherine Perron answers every call the same way. “911. What is the emergency?”
But Perron and her supervisor, Natasza Wieczorek, are credited with saving a pregnant woman and her unborn child’s life.

Deputies said her boyfriend, Frank Defulgentis, tried to stab her to death after she told him she did not want to move in with him. Defulgentis is the father of the unborn child. The victim called 911 early Saturday morning on Nov. 2, but she didn't say a word.

That’s because the woman was being brutally attacked by her boyfriend, Orange County deputies said.
Perron answered the woman’s chilling emergency call.
Although the victim didn’t say a word, Perron said she heard voices and screams.

She knew in her gut something was wrong.
Seconds into the call, she began tracing the location of the woman’s cell phone to the 9700 block of Winder Trail in Orange County and quickly sent help.
In the 911 call, you can hear Perron repeatedly say, “Hello.”

Investigators said Defulgentis can be heard asking the victim, “What happened to you? What’s the matter with you?” The victim could only cry out for help, screaming, “Get off of me. Get off of me. Help. Help. Help me. Somebody.”

"My heart broke for her. That was something that you didn’t expect, at 3:30-something in the morning, to get. So quiet at night, and all of a sudden, she’s screaming and screaming for help and no one’s around. No other calls came in," said Perron.
“We just have to go with instinct and experience. You have a gut feeling when something is wrong. You have to do it to help them. You put the call in right away and get the deputies there as soon as possible,” Perron concluded.

Perron is not your average 911 operator trainee. Although she has only worked in Orange County since July, she previously worked for the New York Police Department as a communications supervisor for 10 years.

Defulgentis was arrested at the home on Winder Trail Saturday, Nov. 2. According to the arrest report, Defulgentis and his girlfriend were in his bedroom when she said she didn't want to move in with him as planned that weekend.

Deputies said that's when Defulgentis got a steak knife and began stabbing the woman.

The report said the woman was able to run out of the room and out the front door where she tried to call 911, but Defulgentis caught up with her in the driveway and beat her until deputies arrived.

Deputies said the woman, who is six months pregnant, was not stabbed in the stomach.

She was stabbed at least 12 times in her head, face and arms. She also had a broken arm. Deputy William Dover, who joined the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Feb. 2012, was patrolling nearby and first to arrive on the scene.

“I saw a male following her, and then she screamed ‘help.’ And the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, a little bit more than they already were,” Dover said.
“Just held him at gunpoint, had him get down to the ground. He actually complied with every command, which is actually why it wasn’t an officer-involved shooting,” Dover explained.

Investigators said in addition to his current attempted first-degree murder charge, Defulgentis could also be charged with attempted first-degree murder of his unborn child and armed stabbing.
Defulgentis was being held without bond at the Orange County Jail.

Your Source For Death Pictures and Death Video


Picture and Video Clip Stats.
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Re: Call Comes In.... All U Hear is Horror

Thank you ~ nasty, mean, violent boyfriend. Pleased he will get what he deserves. Really it was only lucky on his pregnant girlfriend’s side that he didn’t killer.
Couldn’t open the 911 call but it could be my computer playing up, not sure.

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Re: 911 Call Comes In, All U Hear is Horror

Great post!

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Re: 911 Call Comes In, All You Hear is Horror

crazy fucker

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Re: 911 Call Comes In, All You Hear is Horror

You can hear him slamming the knife into her and grunting with each stab. Absolutely terrifying!

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