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Facebook Live Streaming Fatal Shooting of Rodney Hess in Alamo, Crockett County

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Facebook Live Streaming Fatal Shooting of Rodney Hess in Alamo, Crockett County 

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Old 03-18-2017, 03:34 AM
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first vid is the second part where the shooting takes place but not gory or anything.
second vid is actually the erratic first part of the vid.
Anyway he's dead so i post it in here
The fiancee of Rodney Hess, the man shot and killed by a Crockett County Sheriff's deputy, wants people to know that Hess was a great father and loved life, and now his family wants answers about how he died.

"He was not on a suicide mission," Johnisha Provost said Friday from her Texas home where she lived with Rodney Hess. "He was not trying to harm anybody. He was asking them for help and they shot him down."

Hess, 36, was shot and killed Thursday afternoon in Alamo, Tenn. when authorities said he blocked traffic on the Highway 412 East ramp by parking his car sideways.

Authorities said Hess became "erratic" and when he attempted to use his vehicle to hit officers, a deputy shot him. Hess was taken to the Regional Medical Center in Memphis where he died.

The shooting unfolded on Facebook Live as Hess recorded the encounter with police.

Click image for larger version

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"I found out as it was happening," Provost said. "I was at work and my aunt called me and was like, 'Rodney is in trouble.' He was on Facebook and I logged on and I watched it."

Provost said Hess suffered from bipolar disorder and she could tell from looking at the videos that he was disoriented and lost.

"He couldn't get his mind together. That's why he asked for a higher command," she said. "I always told him, 'Babe, if you are ever in a situation where you need help, ask the person in charge for the higher command to help you,' and that's what he kept saying."

She said Hess was in Tennessee visiting his mother, who lives in the Memphis area. She said he moved to Memphis when he was a teenager and graduated from Kirby High School.

"He had been in Memphis for two days after leaving New Orleans," she said. "He was on his way back home to me and his daughter when they killed him."

In a Facebook video, Hess' stepfather, Lee Smith, asked witnesses to come forward.

"We're just praying that justice will be served; if there's anything that's covered up, that it will be brought to light; that it wouldn't be just another black man shot by police officers," Smith said. "All we're asking for is justice."

Through tears, Provost said Friday she also wants justice for the man she shared her life with for the last three years.

"I want people to know he was not a threat. He was a great person. A great dad. A great provider. He just suffered from mental illness and people need to be aware of how to deal with mental illness," Provost said.

"They could have just shot his tires out or they could have handled it differently. They didn't have to kill him."


Picture and Video Clip Stats.
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"They could have just shot his tires out or they could have handled it differently. They didn't have to kill him."

yeah, and he and his handlers could have handled it differently as well: the whole world is not here to cater to and accomodate insane/mentally ill/erratic people, and to always give them the benefit of the doubt in sketchy situations. and if he was that crazy then why did he have a drivers license?
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Trash video, cant see shit.
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The police are not your friend except maybe the band because Sting is awesome
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Mental illness - check
Loving family man - check
Wasn't trying to hurt anyone - check
He was asking for a senior officer - check
They could have shot out his tyres - check
He was murdered - check

The fucking narrative by family members is always the same yet they weren't there.
If his head problems make him react like that why is he driving at all? He's dangerous to others obviously.

It's all depressingly akin to deja vu, it's NEVER the perps fault.

Yea I am cynical.
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This day and age, not complying with the police lands you in a situation where their is a 70-30% chance of you being murdered. So just comply.
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Death is not a good enough excuse for this bad of video quality
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If you let a person with a bipolar disorder to operate a vehicle, it is a case of when not if.

From police point of view its a person who doesnt listen them then drive his car towards them.
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Happened in my state....not even trending... Maybe make the 10 o'clock graveyard story but nothing more
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The story was going along so well until she broke out the blacks and cops race card again. As if they wouldn't shoot anybody that was aiming a car at them.
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