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Re: Pulled from My Thumb.

Originally Posted by MOSLEMKILLINGXTC View Post
using such easy to imagine numbers like ~.065" The OAL was about .375" to describe the dimensions of an object is naturally the simplest way.... not like we in germany using mm and cm whats out of this world...... (meme of cpt. picard omg)
........and in the time it took you to be a dick, you could have used Google to convert the number(s) to your system of measurement. Is it really that much of a big frigging deal?!?!............. Also, when you're trying to be a sarcastic dick, make sure you at least have your attachments posting correctly (i.e. meme of capt picard omg)........mediocre.

Assassination is a form of censorship.......
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Re: Pulled from My Thumb.

I swear, when I first glance at the picture, I thought of a puppy deciduous tooth..lol

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Re: Pulled from My Thumb.

Originally Posted by destroom101 View Post
A bit more info.

blew up both my thumb and forefinger trying to reset the hammer on a .50BMG rifle.

the firing pin blew out the back of the bolt and through my forefingers first bone and the first bone of the thumb.

I had surgery to repair a cut tendon and to clean out the wounds.

8 weeks of pins and then had them removed. Rebroke index finger. and resplinted till fused again.
Thats rough, im glad you came out with all your fingers :) my best guess would be bone fragment possibly being pushed out from healing, but as i said, you might wanna go for x rays to check it out, hopefully thats the only one

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