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Steve Mcnair Girlfriend Sahel Kazemi Dui Arrest

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Steve Mcnair Girlfriend Sahel Kazemi Dui Arrest 

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Old 07-12-2009, 01:11 PM
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. If Steve McNair's girlfriend was upset about being arrested for drunken driving 2 days before she killed the former NFL quarterback and herself, she didn't let it show.

McNair was a passenger in Sahel Kazemi's car when Nashville police arrested her.

Police released video of that DUI stop, the same day they confirmed that Kazemi, 20, had killed McNair, 36, and then herself in a condominium that McNair rented.
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In the video, recorded by patrol-car cameras, Kazemi laughed and teased the officer but also repeatedly asked to have McNair come to the window of the police cruiser where she was sitting.

The officer responded, "He's not happy." McNair, who wasn't charged, left in a cab without talking to Kazemi.

"I told him you wanted to talk to him and he was more than welcome to come back to the car," Officer Shawn Taylor told Kazemi. "He just left in a taxi."

"I just want to know if Steve is going to come get me from jail," Kazemi said. McNair later bailed her out of jail.

Kazemi, who was smiling, told the officer that she wasn't drinking and driving and that she was just high. Then she immediately said, "I'm not high."
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As the officer questioned her, Kazemi received a call from someone who identified himself as Steve.

Police spokesman Don Aaron wouldn't confirm the caller was McNair but said that could be inferred from the conversation.

The caller, who could be heard through speaker phone, told Kazemi the officer was one who had previously arrested him.

Taylor stopped McNair and his brother-in-law in May 2007.

McNair was charged with DUI because police said he allowed someone who was inebriated to drive his vehicle.
That charge was later dropped.

"Do not let him know anything," the caller said.

Kazemi interrupted him to say, "I know, baby, you're on the speaker phone."

She later told the officer, "He told me I was going to meet you someday."

Kazemi continued to laugh and joke with the officer, calling him names and reading over his shoulder as he typed up his report.

Police said that Kazemi was spinning out of control because of mounting financial problems and her suspicion that McNair was seeing someone else.

Picture and Video Clip Stats.
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Old 07-13-2009, 09:42 AM
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Fuck'n gold digging cunt---the only thing good out of the shooting is that she is dead.
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