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Samurai Sword Wielding Robbery

Burly, masked and wildly slashing Samurai swords, they pose a terrifying sight.

But these pair of vicious armed robbers got more than they bargained for when they raided Alan Garratt's village store and post office on dec. 3.

With just his bare hands and a hastily-grabbed bottle of sherry to defend himself with, the 68-year-old grandfather sent the armed robbers packing empty-handed, after an horrific 40-second confrontation captured in these CCTV images.

Today the postmaster - who has recently survived a triple heart bypass - told how he was left with eight stitches in his arm after he was slashed across the forearm and hand as he tried to defend himself and prevent the pair escaping with his takings.

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The raid happened at his store in the village of Knipton, part of the Duke of Rutland's estate in Vale of Belvoir, Leicestershire on Monday - just 24 hours after the camera was installed.

Mr Garratt had boosted the shop's security after another raid the previous week, which police are linking to the most recent attack.

He was at the back of the shop installing a second camera when the men ran in wielding the three-foot-long weapons.

One of the men jumped the counter, apparently thinking Mr Garratt's wife, Erica, 69, was alone in the shop.

Alerted by his wife's cries for help he rushed from the back of the shop, forcing the raider to jump back over the counter.

Undeterred, the armed thug vaults the counter for a second time, before he is forced back.
All the while, the men swipe wildly at Mr Garratt as he raises an arm to protect himself, whilst frantically searching for something to defend himself with.

When the robber jumps the counter for a third time, the pair grapple out of shot before he eventually flees outside, where his accomplice is waiting.

Mr Garratt can be seen throwing a sherry bottle at him as he leaves

Mr Garratt said 'I didn’t really feel it when I was cut on the arm and hand until afterwards.There was blood everywhere.

The only thing I could find to arm myself with was a bottle of sherry.
'My wife was phoning the police and as I rushed through to grab it I knocked her over.'

Mr Garratt, who has run the store with his wife for 18 years, said the attack happened so quickly he thought the men were armed with bars, rather than swords, at the time.

They have been raided four times, including another armed robbery.
Mrs Garratt said: 'These two with the swords frightened me more than the time I was held up with a gun about ten years ago.

'They were so violent and determined, it’s lucky Alan wasn’t more seriously injured.
They thought they just had a little old woman to contend with that would be no opposition to them.

'Alan just lost his temper and they were shocked when he put up a fight. I love the job, but our four children say we’re getting too old for taking on robbers.'

The post office was broken into Wednesday before the robbery by thieves who tried to cut through the safe. They fled with nothing as the couple arrived home.

Police are investigating whether the incidents are linked.

Detective Constable Pete Martin, of Melton Mowbray CID, said officers were particularly keen for information about a small silver or grey car seen parked near the premises on the night of the raid last week. It's registration plate began AG08.


Picture and Video Clip Stats.
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Re: Samurai Sword Wielding Robbery

what a bunch of cowards

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