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The Torture & Murder of Suzanne Capper 

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The Torture & Murder of Suzanne Capper

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Suzanne Jane Capper, born in 1976 in Manchester. Suzanne's parents divorced when she was 14 years old resulting in her living, for short periods, with various family + friends. She eventually ended up regularly staying with a woman called Jean Powell who was a drug dealer with 3 children. Another woman, called Bernadette McNeilly, shortly moved in too, along with her 3 children, despite only living 3 doors away.

Jean's husband Glynn, whom she was separated from, would visit the house often as would Anthony Dudson, the boyfriend of Bernadette. Jean was having sexual relations with Anthony as well as a man named Jeffrey Leigh who came to the house on a regular basis to purchase drugs. Jean's brother Clifford Pook was also a regular visitor to the house.

Bernadette + Anthony had caught pubic lice + blamed Suzanne as they claim that they had caught it from using a bed that she had also used. Bernadette also accused Suzanne of stealing her coat. These 2 'incidents' resulted in what was to follow.

On 7th December 1992, Suzanne was taken to Jean's house where Glynn + Anthony were waiting. Suzanne was held down whilst Glynn shaved her hair + eyebrows off, she was then made to put all the hair in the bin. Glynn then wrapped a plastic bag over her head + proceeded to repeatedly smack her round her head. Whilst Suzanne was on the floor, Jean + Bernadette took it in turns to kick her, hit her with a 3ft wooden object + beat her with a belt. They then took her to the bathroom + made her shave her own public hair off in retaliation for Bernadette + Anthony having to do so to themselves after contracting pubic lice.

Suzanne was then locked in a cupboard by Jean for the rest of the night. On 8th December Suzanne was taken to Bernadette's house + tied up, legs spread, on an upturned bed with cable. The next 5 days were to be torture for Suzanne.

Suzanne was burned with cigarettes, subjected to loud music through headphones, injected with drugs + beaten up. When Clifford + Jeffrey came to the house, they saw Suzanne tied to the bed, blindfolded + gagged. Suzanne had been in the same place for several days + had been sat in her own urine + excrement. She was placed inside a bath full of concentrated disinfected + scrubbed with a hard brush. Clifford removed 2 of Suzanne's teeth with a pair of pliers + according to Anthony, Clifford was laughing whilst doing so. The teeth were found at his house by police some time later.

Suzanne thought she had a chance to escape when 18 year old David Hill came to house sit. Before he was left alone, Jeffrey took David to Suzanne, who according to David, had a cloth covering most of her face, no hair + dried blood on her mouth. When David was alone in the house with Suzanne, she begged him to help her but he refused as he was too scared about what would happen to him if he did.

On 14th December, Suzanne was put in the boot of a stolen car, whilst Jean, Glynn, Bernadette + Anthony sat in the car. She was driven 15 miles away to a narrow lane. Suzanne was pushed down a steep slope into brambles then had petrol poured on her by Bernadette. It took 4 attempts to set Suzanne alight. Whilst Suzanne was screaming, Bernadette sang 'burn baby, burn'. When they all thought that Suzanne was dead, they drove to Jean's house. Jeffrey + Clifford where there + asked if they'd gone through with it, Glynn, who was laughing, said that they had.

Unknown to everyone at the house, Suzanne was in fact still alive. She had managed to get herself back along the lane + was found by 3 men who were on their way to work. Suzanne told them what had happened + they took her to a nearby house where the occupants phoned for an ambulance. Suzanne's body was raw + burnt. Her head had cuts on it + her face was described as 'almost featureless'. When the ambulance arrived, she was taken to the hospital + before falling into a coma, she revealed the names of those involved + gave them the address of Jean.

When arrested by the police shortly after, all those involved denied having anything to do with what happened. Anthony was the first one to start telling the truth. Three days later, they all appeared in court where they were charged with kidnapping + attempted murder. Suzanne did not awake from her coma + died on 18th December. On 23rd December they were all charged with murder.

On 8th January 1993 an inquest was opened + it was revealed that Suzanne had 80% burns to her body. The trial lasted 22 days, starting on 16th November 1993. The jury had decided their verdicts in just under 10 hours.

Bernadette (24) got life but was released in 2014.
Jean (26) got life + is still in prison.
Glynn (29) got life + is still in prison.
Jeffrey (27) got 12 years but was released early, on licence, in 1998.
Anthony (17) got detained indefinitely + is still in prison.
Clifford (18) got 15 years + was released, on licence, in 2001.

In 1996 it was discovered that Bernadette had been having an affair with a married prison governor. Bernadette was transferred to a different prison + the prison governor resigned.

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Re: The Torture + Murder of Suzanne Capper

Gruesome story.

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Re: The Torture + Murder of Suzanne Capper

It's for people like this we need the death penalty.

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Re: The Torture + Murder of Suzanne Capper

Thanks Dahlia_Neda for posting this. Suzanne's story has had relatively little publicity so it's good you made a post about it. I couldn't sleep for three days after reading about this the first time, it made me so upset. I'm still upset they decided to release Bernadette McNeilly, as I've always thought the woman was in fact the primus motor of the group. Nonetheless, Suzanne was amazingly strong to endure it all to the point of revealing the identity of her torturers before falling into coma. Rest in peace lovely lady, I'm sure you're now in a far better place now.

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Re: The Torture + Murder of Suzanne Capper

So sad. When there's more than one person involved in the torture + murder there is something more sickening....maybe it's the hope that just one of them could take enough pity on the victim to possibly change the circumstances, but they dont.

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Re: The Torture + Murder of Suzanne Capper

absolute pond life

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Re: The Torture + Murder of Suzanne Capper

Now there's a bunch o' freaks!

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Re: The Torture + Murder of Suzanne Capper

If I was related to the victim I would be getting my revenge on anyone who was released from prison.

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Re: The Torture + Murder of Suzanne Capper

Would be nice if pple like this could be killed for the awful things they did to an innocent person. There are some stories that are so bad they break my heart and fill me with such disgust I could rip the skin off their faces with my teeth and satisfaction ripping their eyes out of their skulls. All over the world there are children who experience a much worse punishment than these adults who do such vile things to another and that is so fucking unfair.

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Re: The Torture + Murder of Suzanne Capper

I miss 70s bush,

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