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The Rape and Murder of Wendy Cheek by My Estranged Aunt's Ex Husband - Section 3

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The Rape and Murder of Wendy Cheek by My Estranged Aunt's Ex Husband 

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Originally Posted by lemonassassin View Post
Very recently I was having a conversation with my mother about an aunt we hadn't heard from in years, and that convo moved on into how messed up on drugs she is and funky situations it has gotten her into.

For the first time my mom started telling me about her ex husband that would rape, torture and murder women in their apartment while my aunt was out. I had no idea. I was about three years old when this was going on, and my aunt would babysit me there! Naturally I started looking it up because that's the kind of thing you only hear about on the news. You never think you would come so close to a murderer.

I will post my findings below for those that want to read about the case- but I also want to know if anyone can contribute or knows of ways I can get a hold of more info on it. I also found this guy on a prison pen pal site.....acting like he didn't do anything as insane as he did. I have been tempted to contact him, but have decided not to because if he ever gets out I don't want him knowing where myself or any of my family is.

I also am having trouble understanding the state of the death penalty in CA- the most recent news is from 2012ish saying that the method used was inhumane and all executions on pause until it gets sorted out. Any input on that would be helpful also.

Without further adeu:

A brief on the case can be read here

CBS News on his appeals

A pdf further documenting one of his appeals in detail

His penpal page
NICE post. I have a solution for CA-move said sicko to Texas. Heres some good news-17 executed nationwide this year and 10 more to go in this calendar year! Florida will set your demons free too so we gotcha covered there. Is it possible to see a video of an execution? I'm sure they record them? The system is a slow grinding machine but justice IS served to those who are demonic and need to be put down.
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He looks similar to Arthur Shawcross!
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