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The Murder of Louis "Buddy" Musso

In 1998, Suzanne Basso and her crew of misfits tortured and killed an elderly, mentally challenged man named Louis "Buddy" Musso. Basso had convinced Buddy to move in with her under the guise of romance.The details of the crime are absolutely horrific. The whole ordeal is explained in this article. Here's a quick summary I found on Suzanne Basso's Wikipedia page:

The perpetrators forced Buddy Musso to do chores for them after he arrived at the Basso residence, and he had injuries before his murder took place.

Musso's murder took place sixteen days after his arrival. According to James O'Malley (Basso's son and one of the conspirators) Musso was killed at the apartment of Bernice Ahrens Miller, another co-conspirator. The group beat Musso, stomped on him and burned him with cigarettes as he sat on a child's play mat. The group also used a wire brush on him. The group put him in a bathtub that was filled with kitchen cleaner and bleach. They put clothes on Musso's body before leaving it in Galena Park, Texas. A jogger found the body and called police. The Galena Park Police Department ruled that Musso's death was due to "multiple blunt impact trauma."

Documenting Reality

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