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The Murder of Jamie Rose Bolin

In April of 2006, I was a sophomore in high school upon the discovery of the death of this little girl and it has haunted me since then. I was in history class when they made an announcement about her death because her Amber alert was on the news. We all took a moment of silence for her.

Everybody in Oklahoma was legitimately scared for this little girl and then heart broken when we found out of her demise.

Jamie was a ten year old little girl that lived with her dad in Purcell, ok. She left to go to the library when her neighbor, 27 year old Kevin Ray Underwood lured her inside of his apartment under the pretense that he would let her see his cat and they could watch SpongeBob SquarePants together.

Underwood raped her, and then he mutilated her body in an attempt to cook her meat and cannibalize. Because it was a sick and twisted fantasy that he had hoped to fulfill through either a little boy or a little girl.

Jamie's corpse was stashed in a large plastic container, and was recovered from his bedroom closet 2 days after her disappearance.

Underwood was sick enough that after he had killed her, he went to snoop around and see what the police and the town was doing about finding the young girl when he was caught because he looked suspicious.

Police interviewed him. Witnesses said that Jamie was last seen wearing pink when Underwood made a statement that she was in blue.

When police searched his apartment and found the container with her remains, her clothing was on top of her nude body, proving Underwood's statement to be true. She was wearing a blue shirt as he said.
Poor Jamie was nearly decapitated.

Purcell Police said in a press conference that Underwood had admitted to FBI agents and Oklahoma detectives that he had murdered and attempted to decapitate Bolin, and that he told them, "Go ahead and arrest me. She is in there. I chopped her up."

Underwood was convicted of having bludgeoned Bolin to death with a wooden cutting board. Police stated that they found meat tenderizer and barbecue skewers at the scene, which they presume were intended for use on the victim's corpse.

Underwood went to trial immediately where he was given a death sentence. For years he has been trying to appeal the death penalty, his appeal being recently denied as of 2018. I keep trying find when that sob will eventually die but I don't think they have set up a date yet.

I can't wait to read about his execution in the paper. I can't believe how he expects people to be considerate of his mental illnesses but he had zero consideration for the life of that innocent little girl who could have been somebody by now had she lived.

Breaks my heart to this day that people could hurt innocent children and not blink once about it. So fucked up...

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Re: The Murder of Jamie Rose Bolin

A crying shame


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Re: The Murder of Jamie Rose Bolin

surprised he hasn't been taken care of by the other inmates. probably in requested isolation watching cable tv...

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Re: The Murder of Jamie Rose Bolin

What mental illness did he have?

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