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DR Teresa Sievers Crime Scene Photos & Background 

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DR Teresa Sievers Crime Scene Photos & Background

Dr Teresa Sievers was found in her home beaten to death with a hammer in 2015. Her husband, Mark, is accused of orchestrating her killing. His trial was due to begin in June 2019 but has been pushed back to October 2019.

Teresa had just returned from a family reunion and her husband and daughters had stayed behind. She was murdered the night of her return.
It soon came to light that two men were accused of her murder and that her husband was connected to one of the men. He had been texting/calling the man and so the authorities believed he had hired them to kill his wife.
I have broken this down below with more detail.

Teresa Sievers
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Her body was found June 29, 2015, when her staff reported to Lee County sheriff's deputies that she didn't show up at the office.

According to investigators, two Missouri men, Curtis Wright and Jimmy Rodgers, are accused of killing Sievers at the request of her husband.

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June 28: Dr. Teresa Sievers bludgeoned to death in her Bonita Springs home after flying back from a family gathering in Connecticut.

June 29: Teresa Sievers' body is found in her home after she didn't show up for work.

July 6: Hundreds of friends, family and former patients pack United Church in Naples to celebrate her life.

July 9: Lee detectives get a tip when a person in Illinois said she might have some information about the crime.

July 10: The investigators fly to Missouri to interview the witness. Her information leads them to Curtis Wayne Wright and Jimmy Rodgers as suspects.

Sept. 2: A Missouri judge rules that Rodgers was guilty of breaking the terms of his 2011 guilty plea to unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon when he came to Florida to kill Sievers.

Aug. 25: Rodgers arrested on a warrant by Washington County (Missouri) Sheriff’s Office.

Aug. 27:Wright arrested in Hillsboro, Missouri.

Oct. 15: Wright booked into Lee County Jail.

Nov. 16: Wright charged with the murder of Teresa Sievers.

Dec. 1: The state attorney's office releases documents that implicate Mark Sievers in the slaying of his wife.

Dec. 7: A judge denies a Department of Children and Families emergency sheltering petition and ruled Mark Sievers retain custody of his two daughters despite documents linking him to his wife's killing being public.

Authorities arrested Mark Sievers for allegedly plotting the murder of his wife, a prominent doctor and mother of their two children who was found bludgeoned to death in their Bonita Springs home last June.

“We were after Mark Sievers,” Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott told the media at a news conference after the arrest. “We got our man and we’re very happy for that.”

Mark Sievers, 47, was away from the home at a family reunion when Dr. Teresa Sievers, 46, was killed.

The allegation against Sievers follows the arrest last August of two Missouri men, including Curtis Wright Jr., a childhood friend of Mark Sievers who has pleaded guilty in the case and accepted a 25-year plea deal in exchange for helping prosecutors, CBS News reports.

Prosecutors allege Sievers, who has maintained his innocence despite being publicly identified as a suspect last December, “had direct involvement in the planning and execution” of the crime. Prosecutors allege Wright, 47, and Jimmy Rodgers, 25 – both charged with second-degree murder – were hired to carry out it out.

Sheriff Scott said the trio allegedly put “a great deal of effort and energy into covering the tracks, into throwing us off on their track.”

“The decision of Curtis Wayne Wright to accept responsibility and plead guilty to second-degree murder will hopefully begin to answer many questions and bring closure to the family of Teresa Sievers,” Wright’s attorney, Elizabeth Parker, said in a statement obtained by the Naples Daily News.

“Mr. Wright is deeply sorry for the pain and lifetime of suffering that he had caused those who were affected by his actions in this case, including his family and most importantly Teresa Sievers’ daughters.”

Those two young daughters were with their parents at a family reunion in Connecticut last summer, and remained behind with their father when Teresa Sievers returned June 28 to Florida, the News-Press reports. Her body was discovered alongside a bloody hammer at the family’s home the next day.

Last December the state attorney’s office revealed Mark Sievers allegedly had repeatedly been in contact with Wright in the run-up to the murder. The family was allegedly living “paycheck to paycheck,” the newspaper reports, and there were allegedly several life insurance policies in Teresa’s name totaling between $4 million and $5 million.

Sheriff Scott did not say whether investigators had obtained a confession from Mark Sievers.

“He doesn’t have a lot to say,” said Scott, who knew the victim. “I am not even sure he has blood in his veins. I think it might be ice.”

He added: “I do anticipate that this brings closure to the case.”

911 CALL
911 call from the neighbour that found her:

True Crime Garage did i really good 2 part podcast on this case

Documenting Reality


















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Re: DR Teresa Sievers Crime Scene Photos & Background

Curtis Wright ultimately confessed. In chilling detail he claims he was the first to hit Teresa "just a couple of times," but then stopped, saying "I have shoulder problems, so I guess I wasn't hitting her hard enough."

That's when Jimmy "The Hammer" allegedly finished the job.

In the months leading up to his wife’s killing, Mark Sievers regularly detailed the ups and downs of their relationship in a journal on his cellphone.

Sievers, 49, wrote about losing trust in his wife over a perceived relationship, her seeming ambivalence toward him, his unmet desire for regular sex and intimacy, and his feeling like a leech because she was the family’s sole breadwinner.

“She said sometimes, most of the time, she does not feel we are going to make it,” Sievers wrote on June 5, 2015, about his wife, Dr. Teresa Sievers, less than a month before she was found bludgeoned to death in the couple’s Bonita Springs home.

The journal entries were included in over 700 pages of Mark Sievers’ phone records released Wednesday by the State Attorney’s Office as part of a public records request.

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Re: DR Teresa Sievers Crime Scene Photos & Background

I would love to be able to read those entries. I live in Naples and that d-bag has been found guilty. It was a no brainer anyway

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Re: DR Teresa Sievers Crime Scene Photos & Background

He got the death penalty

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