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A Mentally Ill Juan Covington Kills Three in Pennsylvania 

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A Mentally Ill Juan Covington Kills Three in Pennsylvania

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Juan Covington is an American serial killer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He worked at Pennsylvania Hospital and was arrested in 2005 after security camera footage linked him to the murder of co-worker Patricia McDermott, 48, an X-ray technician.

In 1998 Covington shot and killed his cousin, Rev. Thomas Lee Devlin, 49, as he was leading a prayer service. Juan Covington received three life sentences for his crimes.

Patricia McDermott, a 48-year old woman was shot point-blank outside of the hospital she worked in back in 2005. Security footage led police to one of Patricia's co-workers, Juan Covington. He confessed to her killing, and gave a disturbing motive for his crime. Convington believed McDermott, an X-ray technician, was poisoning him with radiation.

On A May morning in 2005, and Patricia McDermott had no reason to expect anything but a typical commute to her job as an X-ray technician.

Riding the No. 33 bus through the predawn streets of Philadelphia, McDermott got off at her regular stop, the post office on the corner of Ninth and Market streets.

She began walking south, toward Pennsylvania Hospital, but she never made it to work. Minutes after she got off the bus, McDermott was discovered lifeless on the street by a passing driver.

I could feel the radiation when I went into the room. That's when I came to the conclusion that nobody would believe me about what she was doing to me.
David Stewart, 43, was shot nine times as he walked in May 2003. William Bryant, 33, was also shot nine times, as he walked down the street as well in April 2004.

On both occasions, Covington stood over his victim and fired repeatedly. Both men survived. Stewart lost much of the use of his legs, which are in metal braces. He must use crutches to maneuver, and he still shakes and wipes away tears when discussing the shooting. Bryant needs a wheelchair and has difficulty speaking. His mother cares for him and says her son has been recovering slowly.

Covington also confessed to killing Odies Bosket, 36, in March, police said. Bosket was shot while en route to pick up his daughter from nursery school. His body was found at the bottom of the steps of the Broad Street Line's Logan station.
  • In 2003 Covington shot David Stewart, 43, nine times as he walked home. Stewart survived the attack.

  • In 2004 Covington shot William Bryant, 33, nine times as walked to work. Bryant also survived.

  • In March 2005, Covington shot and killed Odies Bosket, 36, at a subway station.

  • In May 2005, Covington shot and killed Patricia McDermott.

Last Known Address:
Juan Covington GN5163
SCI Cresson
Drawer A, Old Route 22
Cresson, PA 16699-0001
The following image taken from a security camera shows Juan Covington walking up and shooting one of his victims, later identified to be Patricia McDermott.

Click image for larger version

Name:	JuanCovington_Murder_Video_Still.jpg
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Re: A Mentally Ill Juan Covington Kills Three in Pennsylvania


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Re: A Mentally Ill Juan Covington Kills Three in Pennsylvania

Cold-blooded cowardly asshole!

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Re: A Mentally Ill Juan Covington Kills Three in Pennsylvania

Someone had to have known this dude was a few urinals short of a men’s room and kept their mouth shut for years. Cost a lot of lives.

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