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Lisa Karen Addington

This is a very sad story as I attended day care and went to high school with this woman's niece. Sad part is, this woman disappeared before she had the chance to know her niece and she disappeared leaving behind her loving family and her husband to be.

Thats right. She disappeared the week before she was supposed to be married on may 16th 1984 in Tulsa Oklahoma.

Lisa and her fiance were both residents of Dallas when she came to Tulsa to have her bachelorette party with her family which was at the great escape club on 21st and Garnett which the club name has since changed 34 years later.

Lisa was very excited and thrilled to finally marry the man that she loved, but issues ensued when it did not seem that her husband to be was as enthusiastic about the marriage. They got into an argument because he didn't have his right identification to get their marriage license so the wedding had to be put off.

While she went to Tulsa he remained in Dallas to get his things together.

During her last whereabouts at the club, Lisa had been seen with a Caucasian male wearing a green t shirt. He was about 160 lbs 6'0 tall and had long brown shoulder length hair parted down the middle. He was in his mid 20s.

Lisa's friends left around midnight when she chose to stay behind and find a ride from someone else. She was never seen again.

Lisa had brown hair and green eyes, she was 5'8" and 125 lbs. She was wearing black pants, white knee high socks and a red, black, and blue plaid shirt.

Some people suspect that her husband to be may have had something to do with it because he wasn't very concerned or involved with finding her. Honestly because he couldn't get it together I personally think that he may not have wanted to get married, but if he was in dallas the day she disappeared in Tulsa how could he have had any accountability for it? It doesn't make any sense.

Other sources think it was an Oklahoma serial killer gary Alan walker, who killed five people in may of 1984 most of his victims, women. Victims were Eddie Cash of broken arrow who he beat and strangled to death with the motive of robbery. Valerie Shaw hartzell of tulsa who he raped and strangled. Jayne hillburn of Vinita who he robbed and strangled. Janet Jewell of beggs who he raped and strangled. Margaret Bell Lydick of poteau who he raped and strangled and Deronda Gay Roy Whom he attempted to rape but strangled her with her bra.

All of this happened in may of 1984. The same month that Lisa Addington disappeared.

When walker was questioned.about Addingtons disappearance he declined interviews and refused to talk at the demand of his lawyer because his lawyer was trying to fight the prosecution with an insanity deal.

Nobody bought it and walker was charged and immediately sentenced to death row. If walker had anything to do with the disappearance of Lisa Addington he took that secret to the grave with him.

What happened to Lisa Addington? Somebody knows but they are not talking, nor are they saying anything....

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