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Brittany Phillips

This young lady was raped and strangled in her Tulsa Oklahoma apartment back between the days of 09/27 to 09/28 of 2004. She wasn't found until three days later. Brittany was not buried until her 19th birthday on 10/4/2004.

She had been dead in her apartment for 3 days before a friend came by to check on her to see why she hadn't shown up to class at tcc. When there was no answer, her friend called the police and that's when they discovered she was murdered.

Between 9/27 and 9/28 of 04, somebody was already inside of Brittanys apartment or the only way they can come up with anything was that her killer broke in through the French doors that were on her second story patio. There were no signs of a forced entry. It is highly likely that she had let the suspect in and knew him or he could have possibly ambushed her quietly at her front door. I don't think someone would have the energy to climb to her second story patio nor would it have made any kind of sense.

Brittany was raped and strangled. dna was extracted from her but unfortunately after it was ran through a database through local area suspects and CODIS there were no conclusive matches.

They were able to take the suspects DNA and phenotype what he could possibly look like and we still have no tips, and it still shows no credibility because there are hundreds and thousands of men that match and look like the suspect which means nothing if they didn't do it.

it's been fourteen years since this woman was murdered and to this day her killer still walks a free man.

Justice has yet to serve this young lady who had an incredible life ahead of her with a chemistry scholarship.

Justice has yet to serve her family and loved ones, especially her mother Maggie Zingman who for the last 14 years, dedicated a caravan to her daughter's case and drives cross country to find her daughter's murderer and spread the information in hopes she will get tips.

By law rental places are required to inform customers about any murders, attacks, or violence in the area. Had they been properly informed of multiple attacks that happened months before Brittany moved in, perhaps Brittany would not have been murdered.

The most important thing we fail to realize is nobody knows what events took place before the murder. Nobody truly knows what happened and what led up to this. Nobody knows how the suspect even got in. Nobody really knows except for Brittany and the man that murdered her.

The man that is free to this day and still walking. Someone knows him on a personal level and he may have talked and said something. People know a lot more than they let on but they refuse to say anything.

How many more inncocent lives has this man taken in the last 14 years? How many more will he take before we discover who he really is and throw him behind bars? What of he dies taking his secrets to the grave with him? We need tips to find her killer and if anyone knows anything no tip is stupid. No tip is dumb.

If you know anything email therapoet@aol.com or call 918 6292317 or call 918 596 COPS


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