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Amazing Footage Of Shrew Chased Through The Desert 

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Re: Amazing Footage Of Shrew Chased Through The Desert

When I was a kid living in a farmhouse near Fullerton Nebr. My brother and I dug an underground fort. The first day we came back to play after school we discovered more than a few mice trapped at the bottom. Being highly curious about the variety of mice I saved them in seperate cages and tried to feed them. I wasn't too good at first and more than a few starved to death and I was forced to let the survivors have their freedom. I did learn that the smallest ones were called shrews after I took one to school and showed the teacher. I learned quickly what they liked. Bugs. All kinds. And often. I soon tired of my Shrew pets as it was a big responsibility to catch enough bugs for them. I finally let all but one go free and even that one kept me very busy. He would eat constantly. I had to stock up his his habitat every night before I went to bed. Then check again early in the morning and make sure he would last until I got back from school. He would dash about the instant I dropped a bug into his home. His nose twisting this way and that and then he would rush on his prey and gobble it down and off he would go again to repeat the act. He seemed to sleep very little. A few days of this and he too got his freedom. So I liked the shrews very much as pets but the responsibility seemed just too much for a ten year old who would rather be aimlessly riding his bike about the farmlands.
The ones I had been playing with were Least Shrews.
Like the one below.

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