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Re: World War 1 Death

Originally Posted by carolinablue823 View Post
My grandfather fought in the trenches on the Western Front; he was decorated on the battlefield for undertaking a mission the French had refused as being too dangerous. He crawled across no-man's land to repair radio wires and re establish radio contact with headquarters. He said the bodies of soldiers hung in the wires for days and weeks. the screams of the dying and wounded drove some men crazy and they would shoot at the wires just to drown out the screams. He said it was a hell of shit, blood and mud. No place to sit; they slept leaning against the trench banks. They fought, lived, ate, slept and died surrounded by the stench of death and rot. grandpa said that the next time they decide to throw a war, all the politicians should go fight it and let the young men stay home and make patriotic speeches.

Sorry for the big wall 'o words.
Unfortunately Sherman was right when he stated we would have another war in twenty years. American forces shelled right up to the Armistice per the
Generals orders. He was right on. To date politicians and their cronies seldom get their feet muddy let alone pick up a weapon. War is for us less than elites...

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Re: World War 1 Death

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