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Re: Wedding Night Auction

"I want another man to make love to me in front of my husband on my wedding night.
We will meet in the bar and then move on to the honeymoon suite in the hotel.
Once we have made ourselves comfortable my new husband will join us.
and plough the highest bidder's ass so techn. she still has experienced a threesome. )

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Re: Wedding Night Auction

damn they want him to pay for the room in advance? if they wanted a kinky 3 way at least pay half, come on people give a little!

366 euros = 460.7574 US dollars (for those who don't know or are too lazy like my friend to look it up. lol)

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Re: Wedding Night Auction

She has man hands

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Re: Wedding Night Auction

why would I bid for that? might as well go to a whorehouse and get same quality meat...and for cheap

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