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Washington State Girl, 11, Shoots Cougar That Stalked Her Brother 

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Old 03-09-2014, 05:29 PM
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Re: Washington State Girl, 11, Shoots Cougar That Stalked Her Brother

Too short for my mom.

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Old 03-09-2014, 07:23 PM
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Re: Washington State Girl, 11, Shoots Cougar That Stalked Her Brother

Originally Posted by bob351 View Post
Too short for my mom.
I got no worries. She's more of a girth gal anyway.

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Old 03-11-2014, 01:05 AM
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Re: Washington State Girl, 11, Shoots Cougar That Stalked Her Brother

Originally Posted by Vedderman View Post
Neither does it end because of some dead brat.

Not everyone necessarily believes that a human has any greater inherent value to the planet than a cougar, you know.

In fact, there is statistically a FAR greater chance that the little mongrel child who was 'rescued' will grow up to harm you, your family, or this planet. A human's potential for causing misery and destruction is far greater than that of a cat's. Think on that the next time you cheer the death of a wild animal in favor of some human breeder's mewling spawn.

Uh, seriously? How do you justify calling this little girl a mongrel? Wow, what do you do for entertainment in your off time, roast babies on the campfire? Lol.

I love how people use statistics on this site. Yes, of course it is statistically proven that a person has more of a chance of harming you than a cougar.

Of course anyone with an IQ higher than 10, knows why. It's because humans outnumber cougars by many millions. The same reason you're more likely to see a volkswagen than a Ferrari. And because most people don't get their fat asses off of the couch long enough anymore to go out into the woods and get attacked by anything, even a mosquito, lol.

Anyhow, i'm sure your statistics wouldn't comfort the little boy who was about to be eaten by this fleabag. And well, we know what the little girl thinks about your statistics! Good for her! It's encouraging to know that some children have guts. It gives a small hope for the future.

Quiet frankly what you have said here is EXACTLY why I feel the way I do about pro animal people. It takes an incredibly twisted person to put an animals life above a humans. Especially above a child's life as you have done here.

It's even more disappointing that this comment has been on here 3 days and I'm the first to say anything about it. Then again perhaps we humans do deserve what we get after all. Especially when so many of us puts such a small price on human life. So low in fact, to put an animals life above us.

I have said in multiple posts on this site before, anyone who puts an animals life above a humans, can feel free to off themselves as a good start to prove their cause!

Record it and leave it so we can see it on this site after they die. I recommend they hang a sign around their neck that says something "I love PETA". That should go along ways to prove their cause, lol.

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