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*update*Newborn Baby Found In Sewage Pipe In China (still Alive) 

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Re: *Crazy Mother Said She Was There For Rescue*

Originally Posted by diamondsmiles View Post
babies have been accidentally born on toilets before
When my friend had her 4th baby, she got up feeling like she had to poop in the middle of the night, and the baby's head popped out!
She got to floor just in time before the rest of him came out
Her husband got up to see what was happening and she was like, "Look what just happened!"
The called the doula/midwife and she came over and was like, "So you obviously don't need my help!"

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Re: *update*Newborn Baby Found In Sewage Pipe In China (still Alive)

Originally Posted by SwanSong View Post
It'll go back to normal on it's own

I wonder if the placenta being attached is part of what saved his little life...it was probably still delivering oxygen and hydration to his system.

Thank you, SwanSong

I don't have any of my own.

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