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Update: New Rules For This Area, Posts Will Be Deleted 

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Update: New Rules For This Area, Posts Will Be Deleted

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We want the news area to be enjoyable for everyone, so here are a couple of new rules for this area, these were simply guidelines before, but now they are rules for posting in this area.

This is done simply to make this area easier and more enjoyable to read. No one likes to read a news story that has no pictures as reference, or no place they can go check a source if they want to. So what does a good thread look like? I'm glad I asked....

This is what a good post in the news section looks like.

This is also a good post in the news section.

Failure to follow these new rules will result in your threads being deleted, subsequent failures to follow these rules will result in you being banned from this area.

The Rules Are:
1) Please post fresh current news less then 1 week old.

2) Please do not bump threads after the last comment is 1 one week old.

3) Threads must include an image or video that goes along with the story, that is uploaded to the site. The story should be pasted in here, and a link at the end of the article to where the story is posted online.

Support the site and our continued existance by upgrading to a Green Name
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Re: Update: New Rules For This Area, Posts Will Be Deleted

Any threads which become fiery debates will be moved to the Religious and Political Debates forum, if appropriate, where you can continue your arguments without fear of reprimand for forum disruption.

Remember it's not the Water Cooler so ease off with the personal stuff, take it out on each other in the WC.

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