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Two S.C. Soldiers Killed Defending Woman at Bar 

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Old 07-30-2016, 03:24 AM
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Re: Two S.C. Soldiers Killed Defending Woman at Bar

Originally Posted by AceGoober View Post

I would normally agree with you yet it seems the accused was more concerned about getting his drugs back than human life.
not if what he is implying is true. if he was in a situation where these men were angrily defending (or getting revenge for, as some dudes will do if they think they are confronting a rapist, kidnapper or wife beater) a woman they dont know (who could have easily manipulated the situation by claiming she was being abused/raped)....then there is a chance he was defending himself. that's a slim chance and, with the drugs involved, that likely isnt a legal excuse, but it explains the action. i mean, how do we know that he didnt pull his gun and tell them to stand back and they still approached? that's what i mean when i said 'we arent getting all the details' as answers to those questions would make things clearer. im not justifying his actions or saying the shooter did anything less than murder....instead, im saying that the victims werent 'heroes' and likley could have avoided this had they minded their own business.

the fact that they felt compelled to get involved and try to defend a woman that had just rob a guy of his drugs, implies that they werent aware of the situation. they werent heroes...they were defending a thief from a drug dealer.

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