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Two Navy Airmen and an Object That ‘Accelerated Like Nothing They’ve Ever Seen’ 

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Re: Two Navy Airmen and an Object That ‘Accelerated Like Nothing They’ve Ever S

The reason why these ships seems to move so unnaturally almost like someone is just bobbling them along with a string (even against high winds) is this...

They don't have to care about wind or bad weather conditions because technically they are not in this dimension therefore they dont worry about limitations such as gravity and air resistance. They can seemingly float anywhere at any speed.

They also don't use engines. There is a reactor in the centre of the ship which acts as an anti-gravity field. This envelopes the ship. As this field envelops the ship they are inside their own gravitational field. As we know from science time, gravity and space are connected. If you control one of them, you can manipulate the others. These 3 key things are what makes a dimension. For example did you know that time is slower around the pyramids? The immense mass (manipulation of an area of space) of the pyramids essentially effects the factor of time in the area.

Via creating their own gravitational field they can also manipulate how they move...not by propulsion (like jet or car or boat engines) but more through a merging with the dimensional space in front of them. This is why the movement is so strange and other worldly because they are not pushing against the wind like we do, but they are simply in their own bubbles unaffected by gravity merging forward with space in front them. They are not operating within the laws of physics of our dimension. They have essentially created their own where they are their own master. I doubt however these ships could enter light speed travel as we see on Star Trek as when speed increases so does mass, so one would literally increase in size till you exploded, so unless they figured a way around that they can travel at very very very high speeds using this technique but not light speed.

In terms of a source of fuel or recharging if you like there are a couple speculations. One may some kind of coil reactor similar to teslas free energy thereoum or it feeds off space somehow. Which if we could figure out how to do we could all live like kings for the rest of our lives. (I wont go into to much detail about how the engine works but if u wanna know u can pm me)

Upon analysis of some of these ships (Genuine Area 51 records detailing ship structure) they found that the ships have a completely seamless design. There are no nuts, no bolts, no screws, no signs of welding, no buttons, no wiring or complicated mechanisms. An engineer said something like this can only be produced via a 3D printing like machine. Where it knows exactly what to do and literally just prints the machine out. If this was the case you can imagine factories or even home kits when you can print out all the things you need in life. As we see recently with the advent of the 3d printer (even building cars and houses) this may be the possible method of all future production (for humanity).

Also noted on the ship was the fact it was buttonless and seemingly had no interface. The theory for this was that the ship was somehow mentally connected or metaphysically or something, and that the driver essentially would be in the vehicles mind and the vehicle can be inside the drivers mind, a kind of fusion between man and machine. As we can see recently with Facebook and all these other fucks (a.i fuckers an all that) trying to incorporate the human mind into technology. Facebook has developed mind readers that can type what you think on a screen. As you can see whoever built them (human or nonhuman) are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ahead of what the public currently knows of human technological capacity.

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Re: Two Navy Airmen and an Object That ‘Accelerated Like Nothing They’ve Ever S

Sorry y'all, that was me. My flying Arkosaucer.

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