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Tiger Races Back to the Wild

This is the incredible moment an angry and fearsome tiger makes a bid for freedom - after being rescued from a poacher's snare.

The hulking beast, named Victor, was nursed back to health by experts for a week after being caught in a brutal snare set by ruthless hunters.

The nine-year-old Amur tiger, who was spotted by students in a remote Russian forest who heard him roaring in pain after being trapped in a cable snare.

The bleeding beast, who would have been worth up to $10,000 on the black market for its bones and skin alone, was finally released to safety in the frozen wastes of eastern Russia after being treated for cuts to his skin.

Your Source For Death Pictures and Death Video


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Re: Tiger Races Back to the Wild

Very awesome

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Re: Tiger Races Back to the Wild

Damn that first picture is so intense.

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Re: Tiger Races Back to the Wild

What a magnificient animal.

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Re: Tiger Races Back to the Wild

no gratitude or thanks to its human savers but just as well. if it is free, it need not have any positive thoughts for humans. hope it stays away from traps from now on.

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Re: Tiger Races Back to the Wild

Tigers, Kitten (and turtles) are by far my favourite animals
From the watermark on the photos, I've found WCS's website.
WCS Russia
The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) is a non-governmental, science-based conservation organization that works in over 50 countries around the world. Founded in 1896 as the New York Zoological Society, its mission is to conserve wildlife and ecosystems by generating and applying innovative scientific and field-based solutions to critical problems.

The WCS approach to conservation is rooted in our belief that good conservation requires a sound understanding of the ecology and threats to conservation targets. Our credibility is established through scientific work, which acts as a basis for the development of conservation plans that will work in the real world.

The WCS Russia Program works to protect the extensive forest and tundra ecosystems of the Russian Far East and the myriad species whose survival depends on these intact, functional ecosystems. We use science as a foundation for designing and implementing appropriate conservation actions for numerous species of wildlife, including Amur tigers, Far Eastern leopards, Kamchatka brown bears, and Blakiston’s fish owls. We focus on key species and critical landscapes as a means to achieve biodiversity conservation throughout the region.

WCS, initially as the Hornocker Wildlife Institute, has been active in Russia since 1992, the start of the Siberian Tiger Project, the longest running radio-telemetry-based tiger research and conservation project in the world.
Visit www.wcs.org
What they've accomplished in Russia.

WCS research has demonstrated that human-caused mortality accounts for 75-85% of all Amur tiger deaths: and 20-30 tigers are poached ONLY in the Russian Far East each year.

Once again, humans proved themselves to be the biggest assholes in the universe, bacteria included.

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Re: Tiger Races Back to the Wild

within the last 2 years i think it was on vancouver island but a tiger named suzy was forced to be given away by her owner sad she looked a bit cuter that the "rip your throught out tiger in the pictures

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Re: Tiger Races Back to the Wild

truly fucking amazing animals
i cant get why anyone would want to kill one of these

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