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Terrorists in Pakistan Contact U.S. Jihadi's on YOUTUBE 

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Re: Terrorists in Pakistan Contact U.S. Jihadi's on YOUTUBE

Originally Posted by Steve. View Post
Do you Americans understand that these new so called security measures aren't just there to allegedly combat the threat of another 9/11, assuming that it wasn't all part of the game plan all along?.
Wtf kinda question is that to ask me? Do you see my name???? Did you ever read any of my comments???? Of course you have and of course were moving toward fascism if not already knee deep in it. "1984" is almost here. Anyone that says I'm wrong hasn't read the thousands of pages regarding any of the laws that took effect after 9/11. Coincidence?

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Re: Terrorists in Pakistan Contact U.S. Jihadi's on YOUTUBE

I have read lots of your posts some I agree with others I don't, politics isn't my area of expertise..but I have seen most of the 9/11 documentaries and to be honest I am unsure who is telling the truth or parts of the truth but I am convinced it didn't go down the way Bush's administration would have us believe, there are too many inconsistencies in their version of events, I may be way of the mark here but if I had to hazard a guess as to what really happened then I would have to say your Government knew what was going to happen but did nothing to stop it so they could bring in new laws and it paved the way to invade the middle East or some of it at least.

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