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Re: The Tampon King

I expected this post to be way different than it actually is, especially with the title "Tampon King"...

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Re: The Tampon King

Originally Posted by Sharon. View Post
Can't believe how fortunate us ladies in the West are. I don't understand how in 2012 women can be 'uneducated' about it? Very sad. Hail the Tampon King and his football bladder!

Some of us have even been known to have sex - boyfriend's choice!

I'm more miserable with PMS. After that, I'm good and my hormones are usually at a good place :) TMI, perhaps, but, I seem to be horny at that time.

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Re: The Tampon King

Clever guy

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Re: The Tampon King

This guy has a closet menstruation fetish...

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