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Some Miltary Installations in America on High Alert 

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Re: Some Miltary Installations in America on High Alert

Some bases don't require stickers and some have stopped issuing them. My husband is a retired Marine. I have a DOD sticker and my husband had one on his old car but was not issued one for his new car.

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Re: Some Miltary Installations in America on High Alert

They stopped using them because they could be stolen off the vehicle and transferred to another.

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Re: Some Miltary Installations in America on High Alert

No being allowed to wear the uniform of your country's military on the off chance of being targeted by a terrorist? The military must have an incredibly weak and gutless command team. Remember General McAuliffe's single work reply to the Germans deman for his surrender at Basone? Remember General Patton's many off the cuff comments about kicking the German's and Russian's collective butts? What happened to that kind of leadership? Now our command staff is scared of a bunch of rag headed idiots with a grade school education, bad hygiene, scraggly beards, and a dull knife? Really!? Everyone does realize that the actual chance of being attacked by terrorists on American soil is about as statistically probable as being bit in the ass by a great white shark while swimming in your backyard pool. You could wrap yourself in the US flag, drinking a Budweiser beer, eating a MacDonald's hamburger, singing the national anthem, and browsing a Playboy Magazine in front of the Iranian embassy and you'd still be safer than wearing a white sheet in South Central Los Angeles. Not being allowed to wear your country's uniform in your own country is fucking embarrassing and sends the wrong message to both out troops and others.

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