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Rogue US Army Vet Declared Dead By Pro-Assad Group 

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Old 03-19-2013, 02:17 PM
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Re: Rogue US Army Vet Declared Dead By Pro-Assad Group

Originally Posted by Bletch View Post
When Assad is gone Syria will be at peace? no they will continue to fight each other, clan vs clan, Sunni vs Shia....it will be an eternal conflict. We should be happy that that disgruntled rabble is unorganized that terrorist playground is contained to the Middle East. There can be no peace, everyone hates everyone. How will it end?! It will
Implode and when the oil runs out a wasteland... And even more so if there will be a limited nuclear war between Iran and Israel.
Sadly The war against terror will last until the Middle East is gone...

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Rogue US Army Vet Declared Dead By Pro-Assad Group

And now the "rebels" apparently used chemical weapons against Assad soldiers and civilians. If this is true, the so called rebels are crossing the red line.

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