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Roadkill Pu Pu Platter? 

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Old 10-04-2012, 12:40 AM
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Re: Roadkill Pu Pu Platter?

Originally Posted by Sharon. View Post
I watched a doc about a guy surviving on fresh roadkill and he came to no harm. As long as it was under a certain timescale dead, the meat was as good as what you'd buy. Though not as filling!

But yes, you don't serve it up in restaurants

I may have seen the same one. Over here, it was on a show called "Taboo" that is aired on The National Geographic Channel. He was from Great Britain and the show was about strange cuisine. It was actually quite interesting. I know it shocks many people, but in his view, the meat is still fresh and viable (he stays away from older kills and anything that is starting to rot). Myself, I could not do it, but, as I said, I can understand his reasoning.

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Old 10-04-2012, 06:20 AM
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Re: Roadkill Pu Pu Platter?

Try that Vietnamese place by the animal hospital, they have the best specials!

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Re: Roadkill Pu Pu Platter?

Originally Posted by diamondsmiles View Post
Only if you disclose what you are serving.
There was a restaurant in Seabrook N.H. on rte. 1 called "The Roadkill Cafe" but they closed down when the economy tanked. They openly served all kinds of dishes you don't normally see in mainstream places... the menu was quite extravagant. I remember things such as turtle soup, squirrel kebob, possum pie, deer and moose burgers were the most popular though.

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Re: Roadkill Pu Pu Platter?

"There was this tail, a big, white, fuzzy, tail. A leg was sticking out. They had a box on top of it. They were wheeling it, trying to hurry up. One of the other employees was mopping up blood that was dripping out of the garbage and on to the floor," Hopkins described

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