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Quadruple Murder Suicide Crime Scene 

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Quadruple Murder Suicide Crime Scene

The man who fatally shot four family members before taking his own life early Monday had been seething with jealousy that his wife was able to sponsor her relatives from for visas while he could not, likely because of his felony record.

The frustrations took such a dark turn recently that C.D.T. contacted his wife’s cousin with an ominous request.“He called me and he said, ‘Would you take my daughter?’ ” the cousin said in an interview. “He said he was going to kill them. He had said things like this before, but I had always talked him down, calmed him down. ”According to police, the black Springfield XD 9mm semiautomatic handgun used in the massacre was reported stolen in 2017. It remains unclear how obtained the firearm. Police found the shooter dead in a side yard from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound around 1:25 a.m. Monday after officers entered his home following reports of the shooting Sunday night. Two of the female victims were found dead in the home around the same time.

The other two victims — a man and a woman — initially survived the shooting and had been rushed to the hospital a few hours earlier after officers from patrol and special-enforcement unit launched a rescue operation, using a Bearcat armored vehicle for cover to take the wounded people to safety. Both of those victims died from their injuries later that night.


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Re: Quadruple Murder Suicide Crime Scene


Unnecessarily so, I should think.

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Re: Quadruple Murder Suicide Crime Scene

66 year old CDT was barred from owning or possessing firearms or ammunition because of three 1988 felony convictions in Orange County for second-degree robbery, attempted second-degree robbery and criminal conspiracy. He served two years of a five-year prison sentence, earning credit for time served and good behavior, and was granted parole in 1990, according to records from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Guess he finally snapped and went batshit crazy

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Re: Quadruple Murder Suicide Crime Scene

Great photos, thank you.

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Re: Quadruple Murder Suicide Crime Scene

The maid is not going to be happy when she shows up to work next.

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Re: Quadruple Murder Suicide Crime Scene

If you ever have to talk someone down from something, that means their head is in that space.

If you have to talk someone down from murder, you get the potential victims out of there. There is no going back to normal. “He didn’t go through with it, so everything is fine.”

People are so fucking stupid.

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