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Possible Underground Nazi Nukes Factory Discovered 

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Old 01-09-2015, 10:57 AM
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Re: Possible Underground Nazi Nukes Factory Discovered

Originally Posted by Oswald2001 View Post
That's one Party Line story.

Now, look at how far down South Africa has gone since the Communist Terrorists have taken over.

It's a sh*t hole now.

All thanks to allowing the barbarian hordes to 'rule'.


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Old 01-11-2015, 07:23 AM
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Re: Possible Underground Nazi Nukes Factory Discovered

Originally Posted by nyazzip View Post
....an inexpensive reliable automobile that was produced around the globe, basically as designed, until at least the 1980s....? sounds like success to me.

the united states did exactly that as well, after WW2....

...the rocketry engineering advances that precipitated out of the V2 program was directly responsible for future space exploration around the globe.


....huh? so I presume your grandfather made one in his shop, as well? like everyone did

....huh? i'm really scratching my head to try and figure out if this post is some sort of attempt at sarcasm, lost in language translation....

I could go on a rant, but I am too tired, and too well read
You need to read a bit more there buddy.

I'd start with Robert Oppenheimer, Einstein biographies etc for insight into exactly how close a lot of people around the globe were treading toward creating an A-Bomb. Whether they knew it or not, the validity speaks for itself if you can find it out there, ya know - on shelves - in books n such.

The Dawkins thing is an inside joke on my part. Figuratively, the Biology Professor is the intellectual wank buddy of David Ickes. Takes facts... then joins the dots to suit a theory that somehow satisfied enough young people to get emotional and buy up his works (Both Icke and Dawkins) like they were on some "OMG I don't like God" emotional phase.

Philosophy provides some interesting insights. I guess, I'm not a know it all. But neither is Dawkins or Icke. They certainly act as though they do.

The best bits are when people defend this.

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