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Panoramic Ball Camera

A new camera will allow users to see what it's like to have both an eye in the sky and an eye in the back of your head.
The camera is circular and called the throwable panoramic ball camera.
Created by five graphic designers in Berlin, the camera uses 36 mobile phone cameras to capture a picture of what is going on all around.

The user simply tosses the camera into the sky and it is programmed to take a picture once it reaches the pinnacle of its toss.
'Very wide angle images are closer to the human field of view than conventional pictures,' the project's website says.
'If seen through a panoramic viewer they let us experience a location as if we were there.'
The photo is then downloaded to a computer and users are able to zoom in and click through all portions of the picture, allowing them to see what was going on far behind them at the time that the photo was taken.
Clicking through the different parts of the 360 degree photo is similar to using Google Street View, where by clicking on the mouse, the user is able to get a more detailed view of a particular detail.

With its bright green colouring, it looks more like a toy than an innovative piece of technology.
It is not on sale yet, though the creator's website says that they are currently looking for funding in order to produce the the product on a larger scale.

The five inventors involved are Jonas Pfeil, Kristian Hildebrand, Carsten Gremzow, Bernd Bickel and Marc Alexa, all of whom are based in Berlin.
The project stemmed from Mr Pfeil's diploma thesis, and Mr Alexa and Mr Gremzow were his advisers on the project.
<****** width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/Th5zlUe6gOE" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></******>

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Re: Panoramic Ball Camera

very cool

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Re: Panoramic Ball Camera

I hope this does get a mass release

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Re: Panoramic Ball Camera

I already have a ball camera. It's the camera I use to take pictures of my balls.

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Re: Panoramic Ball Camera

Being the smartest retard here doesn't make me any less retarded.....
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Re: Panoramic Ball Camera

cool my kids already know that I have eyes in the back of my head anyways (well if they don't they friggen should!)

I am not not licking toads
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Re: Panoramic Ball Camera

Pretty ingenious, and yet, we all can't help feeling like "FUCK. Wish I woulda thought of that!"

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