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**********, 65, Jailed After Husband and Wife Realised They Were BOTH Attacked by Him 

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Re: **********, 65, Jailed After Husband and Wife Realised They Were BOTH Attacked by

Originally Posted by SnowBun View Post
You obviously know nothing about abuse towards small children. Often there are memories, but no real knowledge of even who that person was for sure. The shame is still there, people often will not believe you and attack you, ESPECIALLY if the abuser is beloved member of society or a church.

I have read cases where young teenagers reported abuse and were vilified by an entire town with the raper becoming emboldened enough to climb into their bedroom windows and molest them in their homes.

In some states in the U.S. the statute of limitations 'runs out when you turn 18 !!' which is TOTAL fucking horseshit, but people feel like, why bother reporting it, they won't do anything, i'd rather just get on with my life.


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