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Ooops! Russia Detains American, Saying He Is C.I.A. Agent 

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Old 05-15-2013, 11:44 AM
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Re: Ooops! Russia Detains American, Saying He Is C.I.A. Agent

Originally Posted by DOLL View Post
No wonder this comes up in these times, since europe is planning the rocket-shield against East, they are ( USA) very eager to know what the Russians are planning.
That's a good observation.
US need some eastern europe country where to develop a missile defense complex, that's for sure: there was a plan to install it in Redzikowo, (Poland). Its name was EIS.
10 silo-based interceptors, a two-stage version of the already existing GBI, EKV stuff able to launch stuff at the speed of 7 km/s. The plan was cancelled in 2009, but what we don't know exactly (maybe) is the why: 48% of poles believed it was a good idea, but Russia, of course, disagreed.
One of the key roles was played by former polish president Wałęsa, who stated that whatever US would do in the area was in their own interests, so the country would have been basically used by them: despite he wasn't member of the gov.t, of course what he said couldn't be ignored. The question was "will this make the continent a safer place"? The answer was NOT, plain and simple.
You can't say to the people that you want to create that in order to contain some "threat from Iran" without offending their intelligence.

The decision from Poland of abandoning the shield was announced on September 17: NOT by coincidence.
On September 17, 1939 Poland was invaded by the Soviet Union, and of course they don't want to repeat the experience.

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Old 05-15-2013, 01:16 PM
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Re: Ooops! Russia Detains American, Saying He Is C.I.A. Agent

This is pretty funny but also kind of interesting. From AP:

Wigs? A map? Strange stuff in alleged US spy kit

VLADIMIR ISACHENKOV | May 15, 2013 11:59 AM EST |

MOSCOW — A couple of wigs, sunglasses and a compass? Really?

Some of the items Russian authorities say they seized from a U.S. diplomat who they accuse of spying look like they came from Austin Powers' arsenal rather than James Bond's.

But while the old-fashioned items might seem clownish or reminiscent of Cold War intrigues, they could in some ways be more useful than many modern gadgets, experts say.

Bob Ayers, a former U.S. intelligence officer, said disguises and cash drops have long been staples of the spy world, but cautioned that even an old mobile phone could undo an effort to get off the grid using a compass and map. He added: "You can't assume that every agent always acts in a rationale way."

Here is a look at the items that Russia's Federal Security Service, the main successor to the Soviet-era KGB, proudly displayed as trophies after grabbing the American:


A blond one and another equally fluffy dark one, the wigs offer a quick and efficient disguise. But there is one small problem: While they might help you get lost in a marijuana-loving crowd in Amsterdam, they would instantly draw attention to you on the streets of Moscow, where most men sport crew cuts. That said, Ayers noted that even a bad wig can make it tough to follow someone via CCTV cameras.


Another tried but true way to quickly change appearance. One of the three pairs, the one in dark plastic, appears to have transparent or only slightly tinted lenses. An attempt at a professorial look?


A generous advance to encourage a would-be agent. The currency is euros, which most Russians these days prefer as an illicit cash reward or a bribe.


Contains detailed instructions for a would-be agent about secure communications and future meetings. Also promises a $100,000 advance and a $1 million annual reward for "long-term cooperation." The mention of dollars as the currency of payment in the letter curiously differs from the euros in the actual cash.


A conservative means of finding your way in the age of Google maps. But think about it: using a digital map application on your cellphone could make you more vulnerable to anyone shadowing you.


The essential complement to the map.


A must for those who love to lurk in dark corners. It also could help protect you from falling into a pit on one of those badly paved and poorly lit Moscow streets.


An old but reliable Nokia model that boasts good battery life. Equipped with a hands-free cord. Ayers cautioned that the user would need to remove the battery when they wanted to avoid being tracked.


There are two, each belonging to a different Russian mobile phone operator. SIM cards are exchangeable identity chips used in cellphones, and they can be obtained anonymously in Russia.


Helpful if you live a life of adventure. Or even if you don't.


May offer some degree of protection in the Russian capital, especially against the stray dogs.


Conveniently has a smaller pocket knife, a small flashlight and what could be a radio scanner attached.


A couple of ordinary looking batteries – or something disguised as such?


Contains some scribbled handwritten notes.


A protective sleeve that prevents anyone from reading private information from credit cards and other items.


Maybe it's just a lighter.

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