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One Region in Myanmar Limits Births of Muslims 

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Re: One Region in Myanmar Limits Births of Muslims

Originally Posted by rob666 View Post
Its kind of a different situation though, don't you think?
I can understand why a Native canadian would have some animosity towards a person who's ancestors stole their land and put them on a reserve.
Its not like the big melting pot full of people that want to succeed and intrigrate..... Intigrate being the key word.
Native people here IMHO have zero interest in being a part of modern society.

You ever been to Montreal Zambini? Probably the most mulitcultural city in North America.
I have, been to Toronto and Vancouver too, there is no Chinatown in Vancouver, it IS Chinatown.

That sounds like you have marginalized the natives as a way to account for your racism.

Originally Posted by Top Gear View Post
88 responses and not one of you wanted to Skype, I feel about as wanted as Smackhead or Shakey.
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