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Method Runtime

Method Runtime

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Stoning , Latin lapis (stone) , giving lapidare verb, literally "kill with stones ," is a form of execution used.

the wheel
The wheel is the name of a former execution, where the condemned , after having broken limbs , was exposed on a wheel until death ensues . According to the strength of the condemned , the agony on the wheel could range from a few hours to several days . To mitigate the punishment , judges sometimes added to a sentence retentum who directed the executioner to strangle the victim at some point . This sentence was not applied to women for reasons of decency : they were executed by fire , hanging or beheading according to their crime or their quality.

Strangulation or strangulation
Strangulation or throttling is the action of tightening the front of the neck to compress the carotid arteries and / or trachea . It can cause unconsciousness and death by asphyxiation .
Strangulation may be voluntary (attempted suicide, murder, execution , erotic practice) or accidental (compression by a falling object, caught in a machine clothing).

The hanging is made ​​to suspend a person , usually using a rope , but sometimes chains, neck or other parts of the body , either for torture or as a punishment (in the tortured during a boom with the help of a " node hung " or " noose ") or for the purpose of suicide or play it causes a break neck or choking, an inability to breathe , and finally death. Hanging can also be accidental : skydiver falling into a tree, making a person fall and twisting in a link, accident fishing line etc. .

the Beheading
Decapitation means the separation of the head and body. It can occur accidentally or voluntary ( execution) . In the latter case , it is usually performed using a "slice - head" ( knife , sword, sword , ax or guillotine) . In general, in cases of decapitation performed sword or ax , the convict had first put the head on a chopping block. Decapitation can also be performed on the body of a dead man.

The impaled
The impaled , also called impalement , is an embodiment of passive deemed to be particularly painful and dramatic , like the crucifixion .
A harder similar process was used in the Far East , called the chair / bamboo . Under this method, the sufferer was tied to a support above a young bamboo shoot . Some species reaching a speed of spectacular growth (up to a meter a day ), the sufferer was done so slowly impaled by the plant to be fully pierce . This method , more atrocious than the conventional impalement , however, would also anecdotal evidence that the scaphisme .

The peine forte et dure
The peine forte et dure ( phrase used in French ) was a sentence of English law , established in 1406, consisting of crushing under the weight. It sanctioned persons , indicted , refused at once to plead guilty and to plead not guilty . Those who abuse their right to challenge jurors could also be submitted .

Scaphisme means a method of execution, attested in antiquity, in which the victim , except the head, hands and feet, is enclosed in a container. The word comes from Greek σκάφη ( skaphè , pl. Skaphai ), which may designate any body dug , especially a trough or a boat .

the Defenestration
The Defenestration is the act of throwing or pushing an individual through a window, or to check it yourself. The word comes from the old French Fenestre , Latin fenestra , Italian finestra , German Fenster . The practice has its origins in the precipitation ( fall from a high place or suicide by precipitation ) .

Forced suicide
Forced suicide or suicide imposed means a method of execution in which the victim is forced to choose suicide to prevent the implementation of a perceived worse than his own death ( such as torture , blackmail threat to imprisonment , torture or murder of his family , or the loss of his honor or social position).

Cage tide
Cage tide is a former execution by drowning method: convicts were placed in a cage which was then closed , and the tide was sentenced drowned . A cage tide was big enough to hold several people (5 to 10).

the crucifixion
The crucifixion is one of the oldest methods of execution of placing the tortured on a cross, a T -shaped support or a tree and tie in various ways (nails, ropes, chains , etc. . ) . Several variants of execution exist.

cutting involves cutting the members with an instrument more or less edged ax, sword or even saw. This includes skinning alive , practiced especially in China under the name Lingchi until the early twentieth century , for exceptional crimes such as those to the imperial family.

sawing or longitudinal starting with the groin , or transverse .

An iron maiden
An iron maiden , also called Virgin of Nuremberg, is an instrument of torture in the form of a sarcophagus of iron or wood , trimmed in several places long metal spikes that slowly penetrate the victim placed inside when the lid closes.

The crushing
crushing, as one of the terms of the death penalty, sometimes performed by an elephant
the shattering of the skull
the shattering of the skull, which was used by Amazonian Indians , blacks in equatorial Africa and the Polynesians .

The walling
The walling means literally be in the walls. It was a classic condemnation of the courts of the Inquisition consisting of imprisonment. It is also a tradition , half-real half- legendary , which was to enclose a ( human or animal ) living creature in the foundations of a bridge or a building to ensure the strength and protect against bad luck .
burying alive
Humans and animals can be intentionally buried alive (a form of torture and killing) , voluntary ( as stunt, trick of illusion , with the intention of highlighting ) or accidental (in case of collapse of buildings , landslides , or misdiagnosis of the death of the person).

The hernia
The hernia is in Japan where it is known under the misnomer of hara- kiri . This method of suicide very codified in medieval Japan is actually called seppuku .
It was a rough method of execution practiced in Rome and Greece. It required implementation lengthy and complex in the East. It was also used during the wars of religion in Europe against Catholics.

the Bonfire
The stake is a form of punishment of burning a convict , tied to a stake driven into the ground ( the Estache ) , sometimes complemented with wood of various fuels (straw , hay, dead pigs or cats , pitch ) .
The bodies of the heretics were often offered to the Holy Spirit . The religious sense , the stake was designed as a " flame blessed " with an aspect cleansing (see theosis , purgatory ) .

Flogging is an act of whipping the human body with a whip , straps or flexible rod , or any other object of the same type .

the shooting
the shooting by firing squad , often for military ( mutiny , desertion , rebellion ... )

A gas chamber

A gas chamber is generally a device for the killing, consists of a hermetically closed room in which a toxic or asphyxiating gas is introduced . The toxic agent most commonly used is hydrogen cyanide.

Death from scalding

Death from scalding , also called boiling is one of the oldest methods of execution to enforce the death penalty, mainly practiced in the Middle Ages , using water or boiling oil or pitch range at high temperatures.

Drowning was used as a quick and inexpensive way to kill the condemned. The case most often cited is that of drownings of Nantes (1793-1794) , ordered by Jean- Baptiste Carrier to empty the prisons of the Vendee who were there .
Most delivery methods mentioned above are no longer used . Modern methods of execution are now number eight (nine if we consider two different ways of practicing hanging )

Electrocution is a deadly action of the electric current in a human or animal body. An alternating current of 75 mA passing through the body 50-60 Hz for one second produces a lethal ventricular fibrillation , unless timely intervention.

Lethal injection

Lethal injection is a method of execution that involves injecting one or more products to a convict to take his life . Since 1982, thousands of people have been executed by lethal injection in the world : three in Guatemala, six in Thailand , seven in the Philippines , more than 1,100 U.S. and up to several thousands in China.

various animal methods :

The quartering
The quartering is torture used to cause death by the simultaneous separation of four members of the trunk of the human body. It was also used in the context of judicial torture.

the bull
The bull of Phalaris is an embodiment used by the tyrants of ancient Greece. It is to enclose several people in a hollow metal statue of a bull . A fire is then lit under the statue. The cries of those trapped are distorted by a system of tubes connected to the mouth of the bull, giving the impression of an animal bellow .

Devoured by hungry wildlife


Crushing by elephant
the carpet : the Mongols , this method of execution was reserved for nobles ( members of royal families , from the lineage of Genghis Khan ) who were untouchable by humans. Undergo the carpet was therefore something of a badge of honor . The condemned man was lying on the floor , a carpet on it, and it was run by herds of horses on it .

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